Crazy Canadian Tandem Team…

19 11 2011

Green, but cold!...

It’s getting down below freezing at night in Victoria which combined with the humidity means it feels insanely cold and black ice/frozen bridges are a problem. Naturally when Sharon and I needed to get across town to have dinner at Aaron & Laura’s place last night we took our Bike Friday tandem. Wearing our parkas and lobster gloves we were plenty warm. We slowed down for all bridges as our slick tires don’t deal well with ice. Happily there were no issues.

Sharon getting excited about the gas fireplace...

Aaron & Laura made a lovely dinner which was consumed with a few glasses of wine. Their apartment has both light and heat – something our cottage is lacking in! I was a bit worried Sharon might get too attached to such luxuries…=-)

Laura wondering if there is any pie left...

After several hours of great company in a warm cozy apartment we had to face the daunting task of bundling back up and heading back out into the cold night. I had debated bringing along sleeping bags, but I wasn’t sure how A&L would react…=-) The ride home was chilly, but fun. No black ice to contend with although there was frost on the wooden bridge we have to cross. We were very happy to see our little cottage and throw ourselves into bed!

Thanks to Aaron & Laura for being such wonderful hosts…



5 responses

20 11 2011

Vic, Vic, Vic, how many times shall I repost this video? 🙂 This is moi a few years back on big apples. Blackburnpete fell first, and then I went down. Going real slow, and just a twitch to move bike to side of path. And boom, 18months of knee pain. Any ways enjoy,


20 11 2011

Doh! VIk, Vik, Vik. (must have landed on head too!)

21 11 2011

Funny I don’t remember much crashing and no winter cycling injuries in my 15yrs in Alberta. I must have been lucky!

22 03 2012

Vik, even when I go to California. I can wipe out, this time I can not blame ice.

Keep volume low. 🙂


22 03 2012

Well you can blame a poorly built sidewalk!

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