Hammerschmidt All Mountain – SOLD!

17 11 2011

It's Hammer Time!

Update: The HS is sold and off to a good home.

I’ve got a SRAM Hammerschmidt All Mtn 2 spd BB/cranks for sale. They give you instant shifting derailleurless 2 speed [high & low range] up front. You can shift while you are coasting or while backpedaling. You can also shift under full power.

My HS has been used lightly [less ~300kms] – never used for rain rides. It’s never been power-washed or anything silly like that! It’s in perfect condition other than a few cosmetic scratches.

Installed in my Santa Cruz Nomad...

You get: 

  • 170mm HS cranks
  • BB
  • shifter w/ cable and housing
  • original packaging & instructions

Cost is $450USD for everything ready to install + $25 shipping. I have the original packaging and instructions. Ordering new from the US this will cost you $800+….I bought it in Canada where MSRP was over $1K…ouch!

You can run a short cage rear derailleur with the HS...

I’m only selling so I can buy some new bike bling and I need to free up some $$$ to do that. If you’ve been interested in trying out a Hammerschmidt, but didn’t want to blow $800-$1000 this is a great deal.

Here is a link to the User’s Manual PDF.

Note – your bike will need ISCG tabs to work with the HS.



4 responses

25 11 2011

How do you know if you have ISCG tabs or not?

25 11 2011

They’d look something like this:

There are two different versions so if it looks similar it would likely work. They’ll only be present on a longer travel MTB not something XC oriented.

2 12 2011

Is the Hammerschmidt in Canada?

2 12 2011

The HS is in Canada. I can also ship it from the US as I head south of the border regularly.

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