ExOfficio Boxer Briefs 6yr Review…

17 11 2011

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I posted a 3yr review of some ExOfficio boxer briefs on my old blog here. Since everyone most people need comfy underwear for sports and travel. I figured it was time to update the review with a longterm perspective.

These are some very lightweight and breathable boxer briefs. They keep you cool and dry when you are hot and sweaty. They dry fast when you wash them in the sink or in a river on tour. They have few seams and don’t irritate your butt after 14hrs in the saddle. At around $25/pair they are not cheap, but not expensive in my books either given their performance & service life. They pack very small so you can carry some spares if you don’t want to wash ’em every night. I’m not a diligent enough gear tester to conduct a snif test on day 4 of a summer bike tour to evaluate how funky these boxers get vs. a wool pair…hahaha.

Overall they get an “A” from me based on how they perform – especially for cycling.

The downside:

  • as noted they aren’t cheap, but you can get them on sale if you are diligent about bargain hunting
  • they are very form fitting so they can’t be worn as shorts for the ultralight tourist unless you are very comfortable with your anatomy…=-)
  • they do make a looser fitting fitting boxer, but I’m not sure if they’d be as comfy for all day cycling YMMV
  • after 6yrs of regular use [incl machine drying on low] the elastic waist band has worn out and they cannot be trusted to stay on when you dive into the ocean…=-)
  • they after still functional, but only if you really need to make ’em last…I’d probably call their service life 4-5yrs of regular use
Nothing lasts forever and these boxer briefs are made of exceptionally lightweight material. which is why they dry so fast and breathe so well in hot weather. If you need new sport/travel underwear I’d recommend them. I’ll be buying a few new pairs next time I am at REI.



4 responses

17 11 2011

I’ve been a fan of the ExOff boxer briefs for years. I use them when I travel and they are especially great in hot and humid climates. They are also very easy to wash and will dry overnight almost anywhere. That feature has been especially handy on multi-week trips in more remote locations.

17 11 2011

My first pair lasted about three years of fairly heavy use, in both travel and my change of clothes after riding to work.

It was sad to watch the ER nurse cut me out of their shredded remains, and that was on a heavy dose of morphine.

17 11 2011

I use the looser boxer version you mention and love them. I recommend them for anyone whose thighs tend toward the disproportionately stout (for whatever reason–I’d like to think it’s riding, but I’m pretty sure I was born this way). The same stroke of fate robbed me of any semblance of a butt, FWIW. The best I can say of these is the best I can say of any such garment: When I’m wearing them, I am completely unaware of them.

22 11 2011

They are a good value. I liked them better than the Patagonia pair I bought, which didn’t last even a year.

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