Undead Pugsley

16 11 2011

Black Ops Pugs has died...

The Surly Black Ops Pugs is dead…behold the Necromancer is born!

Behold the Necromancer!

Same bike, same fun, new name…

I was able to wrangle the exclusive interview with ES from Surly that explains everything you need to know about the name change…;-)~



10 responses

16 11 2011

Necromancer? Wow that is a pretty demented name for a bike.

17 11 2011
Steve Jones

I’d find it hard telling my friends that I’d just bought a new Necromancer. But if they were under 16 or drunk, I guess I might get away with it.Come on Surly, why couldn’t you have come up with something nearly sophisticated like…BLACK TROLL. ( because it isn’t of course ).oops now I’ve done it, That name will be up on the website next week.

Just kidding! 🙂 I like Surlys. after all…it’s just a name…and there’s ( just ) room on the top tube.
Necromancer! Ha! Ha! Haaaaaah……….

17 11 2011
Rob E. Loomis

See, I was on the fence about a Black Ops Pug, but I can totally get behind a Necromancer Pug. By any name, it seems like that’s the frame of choice. Who wants a white, off-road bike? Not to mention that it’s after Labor Day. On the other hand, black is slimming, and the whole point is to go fatter. So conflicted.

17 11 2011

@ Rob – white offroad bikes are sexy!…=-)


Since the TT will have a black on black Pugsley decal you can still tell your friends you got a Black Ops Pug…or you can make up a name like Drunken Monkey Zombie Pugsley and nobody would doubt you ’cause it’s a Surly….=-)

17 11 2011

i like both names. i even like all the surly colors that every one else seems to hate, too. maybe i’m just easy to please!
i do hate the graphics on most Trek and Specialized bikes (Fishers aren’t quite so bad). even with the names/fonts/colors/etc. Surly is STILL more tasteful!

17 11 2011
Chris Emerson

I’m not surprised they dropped the “Black Ops” name. I did wonder a bit about how it sat with the Surly brand. While Necromancer is a pretty demented name, not so easy going as their other model names, for a black limited edition colour option I do like it. Fits in with the Troll and Ogre mythological creature theme a bit also. I wonder if “Black Ops” lost its appeal in the current climate of black clad police/wannabe tactical operators beating up protesting civilians in the streets.

17 11 2011
Ryan T.

I have had some email contact with Eric over at Surly about the BlackOps/Necro over the past couple of months.

He got back to me today and stated that “Black Ops” was owned by some other folks and Surly chose not to bother with a fight. Same bike though.

And as an aside to Chris E.: The BlackOps/Necro/whatever Pugs are not limited edition. They have a ton coming in and it will continue on as a stock model.

17 11 2011

@Ryan – thanks for the info. I suspected as much, but conspiracy theories about Satan”s Army infiltrating Surly HQ are a lot more fun…=-)

18 11 2011
Chris Emerson

Here I am trying to maintain the internet as the fountain of misinformation it was intended to be, and Ryan has to go and set the record straight. I think it would have been easier and less confusing for everyone if Surly had just repainted the Pugs and called them Beige Ops.

18 11 2011
Greg Weber (@onespeedgreg)

Rather have the white frame…build it myself..

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