Adjusting Santa Cruz VPP Bearings…

16 11 2011

Click here to jump to Pinkbike and watch the video...

If you ride a Santa Cruz VPP bike this video is a must watch to ensure you know how to adjust your pivot bearings when they develop some play. I recently had some play in the rear of my Nomad Mk2 and a LBS recommended I buy a $120 bearing kit to rebuild the bike. My bearings are fine I just needed to adjust them properly. The more I appreciate some of the design elements [ie adjustable pivot bearings, grease ports on lower pivot, etc..] that went into making my Santa Cruz bike the more impressed I am.

That’s a good thing because I was playing around with a MTB builder program recently and it spat out a $6K price tag – yikes! I’m going to keep my Nomad rolling for a while longer. I’m glad I bought a quality bike to start with…=-)



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