Pugsley Redux – Part 4…

15 11 2011

It's back and big as ever...

I’m happy to report that my Pugsley is back on the road. I got the rebuild finished this weekend.

Rustproofing the Pugs...

The rustproofing process was a messy affair, but I figured it’s worth it.

My Phil Wood BB looking good...

I realized I needed new bearings for my Phil Wood BB. I was lucky that the Fairfield Bicycle Shop had some in stock so that my rebuild wasn’t delayed.

Measure twice - cut once!

I managed to cut the cable housing I had bought too short the first time and needed to buy more. Which reminds me to measure twice and cut once!

My Alfine 8 - clean...

As I was installing the disc rotor on my Shimano Alfine 8 I noticed several millimeters of lateral play in the axle. A little research and a couple cone wrenches later I had the hub adjusted properly.

The green turned out nicely...

I’m keeping the racks off for now and using the Pugs as a MTB. A stripped-down chubby mean dirt biking machine…=-)

The scrawny Larry...

With the Pugsley rebuild complete it was time to test out the beast.

Finding some dirt in the city...

I don’t want to find out my cranks are going to fall off 10 miles from the parking lot so I figured some dirt testing closer to home was in order.

It may be a Pig, but it can fly around the curves pretty well...

Nothing fell of at the MTB park which was nice…=-) Next up some real dirt trails…



7 responses

15 11 2011
Aaron M

So cool, bike looks fantastic. Can’t wait to get one. Thanks to you I’ve got fat bike fever.

15 11 2011

Really nice build!
I don’t think the camo bags will be a match though…

15 11 2011
Val Garou

Better than new, as they say. Hat’s off to you, sir.

15 11 2011
Anthony DeLorenzoAnthony

Nice powder coat, looks killer.

15 11 2011

looks lovely, good work!! looking forward to some more pug shots!

15 11 2011

I really like the new look!! Are you planning to get Surly stickers and headbadge or leave it naked?

15 11 2011

@Doug – Thanks…you are my Pugs inspiration! – no plan for decals as of yet. I’ll wait until something moves me to action…=-)

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