MEC Deal Alert…

14 11 2011

MEC Deuce MTB Top...

Just a tip for blog readers – especially Canadian ones. These MEC MTB tops are on clearance for $9. I bought one at full price [$36CDN] a couple years ago and thought it was a great deal at the time…for $9 well hard to beat that! My Deuce has proven durable, wicks well, great for rides where the temps vary a bit and it fits over elbow armour nicely. In theory it’s a MTB specific top, but you can wear it for anything sporty if you like the style. I wear a medium and it’s a loose relaxed fit – think hockey jersey.

Rolling with my Deuce...

I ordered 3 more at $9. I’ll put another one into service and keep 2 as spares/gifts. Just thought I’d share the info if anyone wants to score one.

BTW – MEC has a bunch of other stuff on clearance including tops for the ladies [Sharon ordered a couple for herself].



2 responses

14 11 2011

Thanks for the heads up. I’ve got one on order now 🙂

14 11 2011

Looks like a great deal. Contemplating getting a few, even dealing with shipping (and potential customs fees) to the States. Might find someone else who wants a couple, split some fees.

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