Photo Ride…

12 11 2011

Fall has fallen on Vancouver Island...

Aaron and I headed up to Partridge Hills to check out the trails and to try and up the ante on our MTB photography.

"How you doing?"...

We used my new Canon S95 and a small tripod to take some shots deep in the gloomy rainforest.

A-Man ripping...

The results were much better than we normally are able to achieve with our usual point and shoot cameras.

Those leaves are beautiful and slippery!!

It’s nice to have a bunch of decent photos to choose from post-ride rather than making the best of the least blurry snaps.

A-Man dropping into the shot...

Having said that we did run up against the limitations of the S95’s lens on a number of occasions where we either needed a faster lens or a flash. However, there is only so much a camera that can fit into your pocket can do. I’m impressed with the S95 so far and happy to have a better weapon in the quiver.

A-Man pondering his next awesome run...

Of course the nicer shots in the forest came at the cost of far more setup time and messing with camera settings and reshooting the same image a bunch of times. I’d guess we spend 4 times as long taking photos and got in 50% of the riding we normally would have in the same amount of time.

Feeling golden...

We’ll have to find a balance between taking great shots and getting in as much riding as possible. It’s nice to have more low light photography options though. So if we really want to get a particular shot we can do it at the expense of some extra time.

Aaron heading back into the trees...

I didn’t ride my MTB much last winter so I didn’t realize how early it got dark on the trails. With the time change it’s getting gloomy by 4pm and dark by 5pm – especially in the trees. Typically Aaron and I have been heading out on our MTB rides at 2pm or 3pm. That’s going to have to change or we are going to have to bust out some serious light firepower.

Aaron was kind enough to bring snacks...

It’s been raining a fair amount in Victoria lately. Not enough to mess with our riding time, but the trails were damp and the leaves all over the ground were quite slippery so we had to ride with care.

Time to head back to the car...

We are getting the hang of the unmarked trails at Partridge Hills. We don’t know where are exactly all the time, but we were able to make it back to the car reasonably easily. Which was good as the light was fading fast!

Chasing after A-Man...

I’m not holding my breathe for Bike Magazine to to offer us a gig as professional MTB pornographers, but hopefully we can entertain our loyal blog readers with finer fat tire images from here on in…=-)



6 responses

12 11 2011

they look pretty good to me!

12 11 2011

Nice shots! Sure wish we had some gloomy jungle here in the Midwestern US. My S90 has been on just about every bike ride and camping trip with me the last year and a half or so. It takes great pictures any time of day, but I really appreciate it when things get darker. I almost never use the flash.

16 11 2011
Micheal Blue

Nice pics. Especially the “feeling golden” one.

16 11 2011

The Canon S100, featuring a faster lens, is due out this month.

16 11 2011

The S95 was discounted and has a proven track record for performance. When the S100 comes out it will be a while before we get to the same point of confidence. A number of new and improved digital cameras have been a step back when objectively tested so I don’t automatically assume the S100 will be better.

I’ll probably end up with a discounted S100 in a year or two when the S105 is about to come out…=-)

16 11 2011
Bill Russell

Rockwell rules!

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