Pugsley Redux – Part 3

11 11 2011

Powder coat? - check!

I collected my Pugsley frame & fork from the powder coater today. They did a nice job and carefully protected the threads in the frame so I don’t have to spend hours cleaning them out. I’d definitely use them [Victoria Powder Coating] when my LHT needs refinishing.

She gonna be a lean mean green machine...

I’ve never had a bright green bike and trying to take photos of dark bikes in the rain forest is a challenge so I went with a colour that would pop nicely on the trail. Considering the battleship grey colour that my Pugsley started life with this is a a huge departure for her. When/if I buildup a new set of wheels for my Pugsley I’ll get the rims powder coated to match. I was too lazy to even contemplate unlacing the existing wheels just to do that!

I will of course now have to buy green fun fur and EL-wire to decorate her for Burning Man this year…=-)

Are you green with envy?

My next moves are:

  • spray inside of frame with frame saver to rustproof it
  • walk down to my LBS and get the headset reinstalled



9 responses

11 11 2011
gary sherck

Sweet. We will be looking forward to seeing her when she goes to the New Years Ball.
Makes me wish my LBS had sprayed the inside of the frame with frame saver during the build.

Enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

11 11 2011

Whoa, where are the sunnies,very electric green.

11 11 2011
Val Garou

I’m sure you already know about the Kawasaki Green Rolling Darryls? Also, is this a tip of the hat to YOUR Kawasaki?

11 11 2011

Wow. Not my flavour but it sure looks kewl!

11 11 2011

@Val – yup heard about ’em. I’m not in the market for new rims/wheels quite yet, but when I do get some I’ll get the rims powder coated to match locally.

11 11 2011

@Gary – the frame saver benefit is questionable. The answer really depends on where you store your bike, how it gets used and your climate. I didn’t frame save my Pugs for the first 3yrs of its life. I don’t know that doing it now will matter. I happened to have a can of the stuff handy so I figured I might as well hit it. Next time you have your frame stripped you can coat it and if you are feeling the urge just spray some in with the bike assembled it won’t coat the whole of each tube, but it will cover and pool the same places that water accumulates in your frame.

@Val – the green wasn’t totally an odd to Kawasaki, but certainly that’s one reason. The others were the colour choices that fell to hand easily and getting a bright colour that would pop when taking photos in the gloomy forest.

11 11 2011
Rob Thomson

Freaking awesome. I love the color!

12 11 2011

Love the color. Looks very much like the Lime Green that came on the Surly 1×1’s a few years back.

13 11 2011

Diggity diggin’ that color, Vik!

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