Fatback Dirt Rag Review…

8 11 2011

Click on image to read review..

I found a review of the aluminum Fatback over at Dirt Rag Magazine with some nice photos if your into some fatty porn…=-)

Fatback has a bunch of new products coming out soon including new rims and US made frames – check out their website and blog for details.



3 responses

8 11 2011
Val Garou

You know, when I was a kid, I never did the thing where I got upset about a band or a movie I liked breaking through into the mainstream. I always thought that good stuff deserved to be recognized and enjoyed. But I confess to mixed feelings about fatbikes breaking big.

9 11 2011

@Val – I think you are safe in that if fatties were 10 times more common you’d still almost never run into in the wild in Canada. They are just taking up more room in the media because they are something odd to chat about.

You’ll be able to tell how popular they are based on how many your LBS put on their showroom floor.

10 11 2011

the fatbacks are definitely hot. i would totally go that route if it weren’t for the rear spacing.

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