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6 11 2011

I tour to eat!

Basil and Alix from Bike Mexico swung through Victoria a few weeks ago. I met Alix online via this blog and I know Basil through a couple mutual friends from my university days 20yrs+ ago. They are a couple of bikers who love to travel and love their bikes. They operate a cool bike touring business called Bike Mexico. Unlike a lot of bicycle tour operations Bike Mexico aims to give you a great cycling experience at a very low cost. They do this by providing only what you need [a couple of friendly guides, a great route and a bit of help with the language] and they skip the extras such as a cook, sag wagon, etc… I’m not dissing folks who take supported tours, but personally I have better things to do with my $$$ than have someone setup my tent and cook my meals.

On the other hand even an experienced Mexico traveller like myself doesn’t have the inside scoop on such a vast country. If I want to get the most out of a 2 week trip having the support of folks like Basil and Alix is a great way to ensure that each day is fun without breaking the bank and without having to spend a lot of time doing my own research.

A friendly local!

After chatting with them over a beer last month I said I would post about their upcoming tours and then I got sidetracked…=-( So the first one is literally around the corner…my bad!

Here is what Alix has to say about the Views of The Pacific Tour that starts 12 Nov:

“Is winter looking long?  See the real Mexico from the seat of your bike: beautiful beaches, courteous hosts, great food, authentic markets, breathtaking vistas.  Safer (and warmer) than riding at home. 

The Pacific Coast tour is all sun and beaches.  We ride rolling hills through quiet forest popping out to have a long lazy lunch and swim on a deserted beach before making our way to our hotel.  It is the perfect active “shoulder season” getaway.

Many of the folks who ride with us are experienced bike tourists who are new to touring away from their home country.  Others are well-travelled active people who are fairly new to bike touring and a few are worldly bike tourists who are looking for a little like-minded company without the fuss of finding good roads, places to sleep, and good eats.  We stress that we are not in a race, but enjoying Mexico from the seat of a bike. Touring with us is one step away from touring on your own.”

That's some lovely bike bling...

The Pilgrimage in Oaxaca Tour starts 6 Dec:

“The Pilgrimage in Oaxaca tour follows the route of hundreds of Mexican pilgrims over the sierras from Oaxaca City to request a miracle of the Virgin of Juquila. We pause to pay respects before dropping down to the Pacific Ocean at surfer paradise – Puerto Escondido.  This loop in Oaxaca is not for the uninitiated.  It is physically challenging and tests the spirit while serving up a dramatic variety of vistas and cultural groups along the way. One rider once called this trip “ultimate Mexico”.”

I like palm trees and sort sleeves in winter...=-)

I’m keen on trying out one of their tours with Sharon. We can carry our own gear and we can sort out most of the details of a trip for ourselves, but scouting out a great route and having some local support from time to time would be cool. That means a zero hassle trip to a new part of Mexico at a very reasonable cost. Not to mention Basil and Axil would be a blast to tour with.

Alix told me that they get many clients as return customers because they had so much fun the first time. I can believe that as they are fun to hang out with and very passionate about what they do.

Check out the details for each tour here:



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6 11 2011
Basil Yokarinis

Thanks for the plug Vic!

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