Moray Fat Bike Blog

5 11 2011

Photo: Moray Fat Bike Blog...

I’ve stumbled onto the Moray Fat TIre Blog recently which is a great photo blog from Scotland with mucho fat bike action…=-) The image above makes me glad I have an IGH Pugsley – click on it to see some epic beach and bog riding for yourself. The owner rides a 9:zero:7 fat bike out of Alaska which I’m going to shorten to 907 in my blog because typing the real name gets old fast!



4 responses

6 11 2011
Aaron M

This blog is great, the content makes for interesting reading & there are some entertaining vids posted. You don’t have to be a jumbo tire cowboy to enjoy it. I recommend people check this one out.

6 11 2011

@Aaron I got a new camera with better low light capabilities and an ultralight tripod. Next MTB ride I’ll make you a star!…=-)

14 11 2011
Erik Kershner

Love the Earth slush. I’m dropping off my Pugsley frame at the powder coaters today… had to stop by your blog to feed my excitement.

14 11 2011

@Erik – what colour are you getting?

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