Pugsley Redux – Part 2…

4 11 2011

Dirty parts!

Moving in the right direction...

Rusty rotors need some Dremel love...

Bottom half done...

Fairly clean...

More cleaning needed...

Dremel to the rescue...


These cleaned up pretty well and feel smooth still...nice!

Well used, but ready for a few more years of adventures...

Battered, but not broken...

I fixed a couple Baja thorn flats...

I thought my Santa Cruz Nomad tire was big...

I mounted up to skinny Surly Larrys with tubes to stretch them out...

More grippy tread than my Endomorphs...

Fixed gear - the for sure back up front wheel...

Yes 8 is enough and it's still going strong...=-)

Marge may be large, but she is also a dependable rim...

Another $14.50, another 3yrs - I love my chain drive IGH....



12 responses

4 11 2011
Aaron M

I’ve been enjoying all the fat bike posts. Even though I don’t own one now I’m starting to catch the bug. I’ve managed to get rid of rear suspension but there’s always been this fantasy to drop all suspension & go back to rigid but there is one problem, no suspension! Bulbous Pugs tires may just smooth over the difference, oh what a wonderful experiment that would be.

4 11 2011

@A-Man – once you start hammering a fatty you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner.

4 11 2011
Val Garou


Lookin’ good!

What gear combo are you running on that Alfine? What did you run on the GDR?

4 11 2011

@Val – 32T x 21T cog….that’s the only gearing I’ve ever used from day 1.

4 11 2011

i’ve liked the alfine drivetrain on the pugs for sure. there are some things that i don’t like about the igh – the shifting isn’t as satisfying for some reason, sometimes i feel the weird steps and sometimes i don’t. it feels squishy too. but all in all, i wouldn’t want it any other way on my fatbike unless i was doing a lost coast type of thing. getting my packraft soon….

i look forward in a couple years to the alfine 11 + drilled 80+mm width rims (bright and polished) and maybe, just maybe the 9zero7 frame. for now, i still have a badass fatbike.

4 11 2011

going to ride to frickin tomorrow

5 11 2011

@Alan – just imagine what your derailleur shifts would be like in the sand/mud/snow/ice/ at 20 below freezing!

I’ve got an Alfine 11 sitting on my shelf as well as a Rohloff that I could use. I’m plotting a set of Rolling Darryl wheels with cut outs that will be lighter than my current Large Marge DH rims!

6 11 2011
Val Garou

Thanks, Vik.

8 11 2011

Where is the Rolhoff? Did I miss something?

8 11 2011

@Graham – I don’t understand the question.

8 11 2011

Excuse my horrible spelling. I thought you had a Rohloff on your pug. Where did it go?

8 11 2011

@Graham – no I’ve always had an Alfine 8 on the Pugs. I don’t really need more gear range than that – even touring fully load on dirt roads in the mountains.

I have an Alfine 11 on my shelf I’ll likely use in a fat bike wheel set at some point [trying to decide exact what I want].

A Rohloff would be an expensive and under utilized IGH for a fat bike IMO.

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