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3 11 2011



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4 11 2011
Rob E. Loomis

It’s like on one shoulder there’s an angelic accounting nerd pointing to his calculator and my checkbook and shaking his head No. And on the shoulder is Vic, with non-stop posts, pictures, and videos saying, “This could be you.”

4 11 2011

@Rob – if you died on 1 Jan would you wish you had saved more money and worked more or would you wish you had taken a week off and ridden the snot out of your new Pugsley?…just saying…=-)

4 11 2011

Love your blog; read it regularly. Is there anyway you’d be willing to change your setting in wordpress to allow your full posts to show up in google reader?

5 11 2011

@Eric – I’ve been asked that before. My reluctance is twofold:

1 – part of the creation I’m making is the layout of the blog and the article within it which can only be seen if you visit the site itself rather than seeing the same content reproduced on a reader.

2 – sadly there are sites that essentially pirate RSS feeds and use the content to score search hits to feed their ads revenue. Giving them a full feed makes their lives much easier.

I will continue to revisit this issue from time to time, but I continue to feel that if you want to read a particular post the click to vist my site and the click to go back to the reader you use isn’t a terrible compromise.

Thanks for your interest and for the question.

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