Victoria BC Fat Tire Riders Unite!

30 10 2011

Do you love fatties?

I’d like to connect with other fat tire riders in Victoria BC or on Vancouver Island. If you are in Vancouver or the PNW let me know as well. It would be fun to arrange for some group rides and get folks rolling on wide rubber together.

So if you ride a Surly Pugsley, Fatback, 9:zero:7, Sandman or if you’ve got some other rig that rolls on Endomorphs, Larry’s, Nates or Big Fat Larry’s drop me a line.

Fat tire touring fun...



8 responses

1 11 2011

Have you been to Horus Bikes (on Craigflower I think)? I think the owner rides a Pugsly.

2 11 2011

@Sarah – no I haven’t. I’ll drop in and chat with them. Thanks for the tip!

19 12 2011

vik…I’m thinking of biting the bullet and getting a Pug. I’m in Calgary and since this is your old riding grounds do you know of any Calgary based groups for fat biking?

22 12 2011

@John – none that I know of, but if you join the fattire forum there are some alberta folks there as well there is a Pugsley Google Group. Between the two you’ll find some other fat tire fiends to ride with…=-)

26 02 2013
Al Munday

I just bought a moonlander a couple of weeks ago and it’s a blast on snow and just as much fun on our Cumberland trails, It’s like riding a tonka toy . It climbs and rolls easily over everything. I have a very nice nomad that I love to ride, but right now I can’t get enough of this thing.. lol On Sunday I rode a nice fast downhill xc trail that was full of sweeping burms and it rolled as fast as my downhill bike. Too much air and you bounce like a basket ball. I’ve had the rims powder coated yellow; It gets lots of looks and questions. al

26 02 2013

@AL – glad you are enjoying your ML. I’m hoping to get up yo Cumberland a bunch to ride this spring/summer. 🙂

26 02 2013
Al Munday

Let me know if you need a guide, Terry & I have built quite a few new trails..

26 02 2013

@Al – I definitely need a guide. I’m a pro at getting lost! 😉

I’ll drop you a line in early April. I’ve got to visit my parents in TO and get down to Sedona for some riding in March. Once that’s out of the way I’m totally stoked to get to know the trails around Cumberland.

Thanks for the offer. I appreciate it. 🙂

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