Victoria BC Fat Tire Riders Unite!

30 10 2011

Do you love fatties?

I’d like to connect with other fat tire riders in Victoria BC or on Vancouver Island. If you are in Vancouver or the PNW let me know as well. It would be fun to arrange for some group rides and get folks rolling on wide rubber together.

So if you ride a Surly Pugsley, Fatback, 9:zero:7, Sandman or if you’ve got some other rig that rolls on Endomorphs, Larry’s, Nates or Big Fat Larry’s drop me a line.

Fat tire touring fun...

Tubeless Larry

30 10 2011

Photo: Phat Divide Blog - Gorilla Tape Method...

I’ve found a couple methods online to setup Pugsley wheels without tubes. Given how much a fat tire tube weighs and how much hassle it is to change a flat this could be a very sweet idea – especially for riding in thorn country!

I’m going to give this a shot with my Pugsley wheels as I rebuild the beast and see what happens.