Wear Out & Reuse Patagonia…

28 10 2011

A step in the right direction...

Patagonia has always had a great environmentally conscious perspective which I appreciated. The one thing I felt was missing was an emphasis on keeping and using your Patagonia gear rather than buying the new stuff just because it was new. I received an email this AM from Patagonia with the image above in it. Which is heading down the direction of promoting continued use and reuse – so thumbs up!

If anyone at Patagonia is listening the next step is to devote 1/3rd of the big glossy images in your catalogues, website and store displays to outdoor enthusiasts doing their thing in 2012 wearing 90’s & 00’s Patagonia gear. Don’t just talk about making good use of your gear – make it cool by showing state of the art climbing, biking, surfing, kayaking, etc…achievements that are accomplished with 10-20yrs old gear.

Challenge Patagoniacs to wear out their gear. It won’t be the best decision for your profits, but it will be good for your soul…=-)



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28 10 2011

I disagree that it will damage their profits — if you like their environmental message, you’re more likely to buy from Patagonia when you need something new, and if you see their gear still going strong after ten or twenty years you’re more likely to buy from Patagonia when you need something new because you know it’s quality stuff that lasts a long time.

28 10 2011

That’s debatable because they already have a leadership environmental position in the industry so anyone who cares about that aspect of a gear purchase is already pro-Patagonia.

OTOH – if all the Patagonia customer base keeps their gear 20% longer that’s a reduction in how much they’ll buy.

So far Patagonia hasn’t made profits their #1 priority so I’m hopeful they continue to put soul before $$.

29 10 2011

I agree, a step in the right direction.

29 10 2011

Hey Vik,

Still wearing my ’83-’84 Bright RED, Patagonia fleece pullover. We lived in Ventura, CA twice – ’78-’93 & 12/08 thru 7/11 – that’s the home of Patagonia (aka: Great Pacific Iron Works at one time). It was like $99. back then, but has worn like a good steel bike frame.

Only gripe: They don’t make stuff in ‘Tall’ sizes.

(Foldable Two)

29 10 2011

@Lou – they do have pants with 34″ inseams which is what I buy. They don’ty have “tall” tops although I find some of there tops have long arms and fit me well and some don’t…I end up trying everything on which is a bit of a pain….OTOH all the TNF tops fit me great and they also offer their pants in a long inseam.

30 10 2011


I’m 34″ inseam, too, but having been retired for 11 yrs I am usually looking for more economical pants solutions than Patagonia or North Face (like Costco’s jeans).

Some tops do work, but agree – must try everything on to see if it will fit.

I have a pair of Patagonia climbing shorts circa 2002 that I use to play Sr. Slow Pitch (50+ League). They have a couple of more years in them, but they have discontinued them :>(

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