Fat ain’t just for winter!

26 10 2011

Fat is fun all year long...=-)

I should have done it years ago, but I finally got around to changing all my fat tire content from from the category of Winter Biking to Fat Tire Biking. Living in Victoria it’s unlikely that I’ll get more than a handful of snow biking days each winter and snow free winters are certainly possible. The previous post about Oregon dune touring and my own Baja fat tire adventures demonstrate that 4″ rubber isn’t just just for winter. I’m hoping to take things one step further and unleash my Pugsley on the local MTB trails to see how fat tires compare to my FS rig for normal riding.



6 responses

26 10 2011
Greg Smith

I love my Northpaw on the local trails! Larry’s carve great and 10-12PSI is great for smoothing out roots and rocks on our local, Midwestern trails.

26 10 2011

They’re GREAT! I got on my full suspension bike once this summer and thought it was far less fun than my Mukluk. Lot’s of “stumblefuck” hike-a-bikes ths summer and had a blast. I commute 15-20 miles a day and just love getting on the fattie.

26 10 2011
doug d

Yup, I just rode mine to the mall.
I am planning to head out to the mountains for some snow riding in 2 weeks though.

27 10 2011
Rob E. Loomis

I look forward to reading about it some more Pugsley riding. I’m a little obsessed with that bike, and I keep trying to figure out how to justify buying one. My off road riding is pretty minimal, and almost all of my riding is transportation-focused, but the bike just looks like fun. Snow almost never happens here, but when it does, I don’t like to feel that I can’t ride. And while I don’t see myself doing any high-speed single-track riding that would require a full-suspension mountain bike, I can see the appeal of a bike that can just roll over anything. Although now that there’s a Moonlander on the horizon, I can’t help but wonder: if Fat is good, does that mean Fatter is better?

27 10 2011

@Rob – get a fat tire bike and build it up with 29 MTB wheels. You can use that for an errand/commuter/touring bike and then get some fat wheels/tires for when it snows. I think what you’ll find is that you’ll use the fat tires a whole lot more than you think. They are fun on normal MTB trails which almost everyone has nearby.

27 10 2011
Rob E. Loomis

There are a few off road options nearby. But unless I were to abandon my LHT (which seems unlikely), I can’t see using the Pugsley for much on road commuting/touring/etc. But they’re always putting in new bike paths around here, and I keep looking at the half-finished, still unpaved trails and thinking, “If I had a Pugsley, I could totally check that path out.”
Plus I could do some beach riding during our annual summer holiday…
So now we’re up to one week of beach riding, one to three snow days a year, trespassing on unopened MUPs, and occasional trail riding. Almost enough justification to make a case. Although I may have to drop the word “trespassing” from the official bid for why valuable apartment space should be given over to yet another bike.

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