Urban Mobility…

20 10 2011

Aaron - Stylish and mobile!

Getting around Victoria by bike is very convenient. The weather is usually conducive to pedal power and between the dedicated cycling infrastructure and flat-ish terrain you don’t face too many challenges rolling to your destination. Aaron is demonstrating that you can ride and look stylish while on your urban adventures. Unless I’m on some rando-esque type mission I eschew the bicycle uniform as well.

White was the theme today...=-)

Heck I also ditch the bike lock frequently and that is perhaps the biggest victory one can strike in terms of getting beyond the cycling paradigm. My Bike Friday Tikit is the essence of urban mobility for me…well that and my Blundstones!

Tikit porn...



4 responses

20 10 2011

What’s Aaron riding?

20 10 2011
Aaron M

Hello Patrick,
I’m riding my Trek XO-1 that I just put fenders back on & installed some winter tires. It’s been on of my favorite rides & the frame was a rescue from being recycled.

22 10 2011
Bill Petrie Jr

Cool bike! Can I get some info about the pants & vest?

23 10 2011
Aaron M

Bill P,
The pants are IBEX wool knickers, & the vest is a Etxeondo windproof. With a thin wool undershirt I’ve done several all day rides, even with showers, & been perfectly comfortable with this ensemble.

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