TNF Twin Peaks Double Sleeping Bag

16 10 2011

A bag for 2! - there can be only one!

We do a lot of camping. Mostly it’s car camping on road trips to kiteboard in Canada/US or Baja. Plus a bunch of festivals like Burning Man. Trying to coordinate 2 sleeping bags suck and just using blankets or comforters leaves someone out in the cold. I found this low cost synthetic double bag from The North Face called the Twin Peaks – click on image above for specs.

It’s heavy and bulky, but for car based camping trips it looks pretty sweet. We’ll keep our eyes open for one of these and grab one at some point.



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16 10 2011

would be very interested to know what you think of it! I am not sure I could cope with being cocooned in together, as I have enough problems getting tangled up in my own sleeping bag, but that is probably just me.

17 10 2011

feathered friends in seattle has similar bags:

my sister and brother-in-law have one and love it. There’s room for both of them as well as their 2-year-old. The bag can also be zipped into a single-person bag.

17 10 2011

Big Agnes makes a double bag, plus the single bags mate up if you have left and right zippers. BA’s a little pricey and I think their temperature ratings are a little optimistic, but overall they are good quality.

17 10 2011
17 10 2011

My SO dosnt camp very often so I went for 2 bags, with opposite zips, and differing amounts of down. That way i get the choice of either when im out on my own and when they are together she gets to keep warm without me overheating.

17 10 2011

I don’t like Big Agnes bags because they don’t insulate the bottom of their bags. This requires you to use a pad for insulation. They do make good pads though.

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