Tofino we missed you…!

12 10 2011

Cox Bay...

I had hoped to post something about our surfing trip to Tofino last weekend, but I’ve been sick and crazy busy so that’s just not going to happen. Here are a few pics. As you can see I need a more functional waterproof camera to document our surfing antics as well as a convenient way to carry the camera as we are getting pounded!

Sharon grabbing her longboard...

We had a great time as expected and convinced a few friends to join us on the first day. That was a lot of fun…=-)


Sharon got to try out the Clear Grip we installed on her board – it worked great as expected. My Clear Grip sheets from last year are going strong. I had 1 corner peel up a bit, but it’s not getting worse so I think I’ll just leave it alone for now. I rounded the corners on the sheets I glued to Sharon’s board to prevent peeling. If you are sick of waxing your surfboard and aren’t an extreme surfer give some Clear Grip a shot.

Life and blogging will return back to normal next week…=-)



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