Surly Disc Trucker…

8 10 2011

Got discs?

I’m not in need of disc brakes on my LHT, but I know there are folks out there who can’t live without ’em. Well breathe easy Surly’s got your back and is coming out with disc brake equipped LHT’s in both 26″ & 700c wheel sizes.

Rear disc caliper inside the rear triangle...

The rear disc caliper is inside the rear triangle to allow simplified mounting of standard rear racks and fenders.

Spare spokes have been moved to the left seat stay...

I do like the dark green colour – very nice…=-)

Trucker porn...

Click on any of these photos to jump to the Surly Disc Trucker product page.



8 responses

8 10 2011

Ha! About time. I would have bought LHT instead of Kona Sutra if it had disc brake mounts.

8 10 2011

I like v’s. I find them easier to set than my discs. The Ti vaya has been working on me though. I don’t know if I want to go more road or touring with my next ride…

8 10 2011
Russel Haynes

I’ve got a Novara Fusion where the rear disc brake is mounted with the housing pointed up like in the picture of the LHT. Rain water gets in there which is no big deal till it gets below freezing. In the low 20s (F) I find that it takes about 15 minutes for the brake to freeze when starting from my relatively warm garage. A small consideration, but something to keep in mind for winter commuting.

9 10 2011
Chris Emerson

Agree, nice colour. Pity the Pacer doesn’t still come in British Racing Green, which was similar but a bit lighter (I’m glad they reverted to the standard Surly decal though). What a perfect colour for the Pacer it was. But, I suppose the Surly line-up was getting a bit too green and they couldn’t not have given the Ogre a Shrekish hue.

9 10 2011

@Chris – if the Pacer had a bit more tires clearance for a 32mm tire and fender I probably would have built one up. Even on my go fast bikes less than 32mm tires is too small.

11 10 2011
Basil Yokarinis

How DO you keep your bikes so clean? Ever tried drum brakes?

Vic: I tried emailing you at the address you posted in “And now for something completely different…” but perhaps I got flagged by your spam filter… anyhow, when you get a chance, please email me at basilyok “at” gmail

11 10 2011

@Basil – I got your email. Sorry between being sick, the holiday weekend and traveling for a business gig I am behind on replying to my personal email. I’m hoping to get on it this week.

It was great meeting you two. I hope our paths cross again soon. =>

26 12 2011

I’m thinking this Disc Trucker, with Alfine 11 IGH, and Versa VRS-11 brifters, is my next commuter build.

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