NSI Clear Grip Redux

7 10 2011

Sharon's pink longboard...

Update: NSI got us the missing 4 sheets of Clear Grip ASAP and I was able to install it today so Sharon can use the board in Tofino this weekend. If they hadn’t rushed the traction sheets I would have had to wax a part of her board and then strip the wax next week to install the Clear Grip. That would have been a big hassle. Thanks NSI for sorting out the problem so fast – you guys rock…=-)

I used North Shore Incorporated’s [NSI] Clear Grip stick on traction sheets on my longboard last year as a wax alternative. I liked it a lot as it provided excellent traction [while wearing booties] with almost zero maintenance. I had couple corners peel up after a lot of abuse, but I was able to glue them down and expect many years of use from these traction sheets.

I rounded the corners this time...

Sharon wanted the same type of traction sheets for the surface of her new custom longboard so we ordered up a another package of sheets from NSI. They sent us a 4 sheet package instead of the 8 sheet package we ordered, but they sent out another 4 sheets as soon as we told them – thanks! Having some experience with installing the Clear Grip on my surfboard I did a better job this time. I rounded off the corners of each sheet to prevent them from catching on my wetsuit or booties and peeling. I also just did a better job of applying each sheet in the right position without spending a ton of time messing around.

Looking good!

I didn’t use the application pattern NSI suggests on either of our boards. My method uses less sheets and puts traction everywhere you need it. I had a spare sheet left over from my longboard which I donated to Sharon’s surfboard. By efficient application of sheets we almost covered the entire area we needed to. We probably need 1 more sheet to finish things off. Although neither Sharon nor I are hanging ten at the nose so neither of us need traction at the nose of the board. When we get to that stage we’ll finish off the job with a few more Clear Grip sheets.

Note: that we do use a small amount of wax on top of the Clear Grip where we place our hands when we pop up. The palms of our gloves are not sticky rubber so it doesn’t give as much traction on the Clear Grip as our rubber booties. I had to wax this small area on my board twice last season for a total of 30 seconds each time – YMMV…=-)



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12 10 2011
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[…] Sharon got to try out the Clear Grip we installed on her board – it worked great as expected. My Clear Grip sheets from last year are going strong. I had 1 corner peel up a bit, but it’s not getting worse so I think I’ll just leave it alone for now. I rounded the corners on the sheets I glued to Sharon’s board to prevent peeling. If you are sick of waxing your surfboard and aren’t an extreme surfer give some Clear Grip a shot. […]

31 03 2012
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[…] ended up using 2 sheets of NSI Clear Grip traction material I had left over from our longboards. Clear Grip needs no maintenance for several seasons [I haven't worn any out yet] and grips well […]

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