Fork me!

6 10 2011

Old left - new right...

I finally got Sharon’s Surly Cross Check commuter rig rolling again. As I installed the new fork I realized the Syncros headset’s lower bearing race was cracked from the collision. I was bummed as the headset cost $90 and was barely worn. I didn’t want to chuck it out. I tried finding a replacement, but no bike shop in town had anything useful. Talking it over with a mechanic I decided to throw everything back together and see what happened. The lower bearing is a sealed cartridge unit so it may work just fine for a long time. When if does fail the steering will get tight and I’ll swap in a new headset. I just told Sharon to let me know if anything changes with how easy it was to turn the bars.



3 responses

6 10 2011

such a nice bike, great to see it’s back on the road again!

1 11 2011

Poor bike!

10 12 2011

maybe some jb weld to fill the crack, I use that s*&t on all sorts of stuff!

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