KSi900r Seatpost 1yr Review…

5 10 2011

5" of infinitely adjustable seatpost travel...

It’s been a little over a year since I installed a KSi900r adjustable height setapost on my Santa Cruz Nomad mountain bike. In case you didn’t read my my initial impressions here they are. I put this on my bike to replace a 3″ Crank Bros unit that blew up on me – Kurt had the same model blow up on him so I figured I better try something else:

  • so far the KSi hasn’t blown up – good!
  • it does get sticky which means I need to lube it regularly or push down to release it so it can pop up….going down is no problem with my fat butt on the saddle. This is a bit of a hassle, but a squirt of oil on the shaft once a week isn’t too much of an ordeal!
  • the bar mounted lever works fine…the Crank Bros lever is a bit easier to use, but the difference isn’t enough that I was motivated to track down a spare Crank Bros lever to swap in – although if my KSi lever broke I would get a Crank Bros lever as a replacement.
  • 5″ travel is actually too much on this XL frame as the top of the adjustment range i slightly higher than I want my saddle, but I have the seatpost as low in the frame as I can set it. If I was buying a new post I’d stick with a 3″-4″ model.
  • I like the fact I can lift the bike by the saddle with this post unlike the Crank Bros unit which sucked air into the oil chamber when you did that and you had to bleed it out.
Overall it’s a winner. If it was a 4″ travel unit and it didn’t need to be lubed quite so often it would be perfect, however, I have no trouble recommending it to anyone looking for an adjustable seatpost on their mountain bike.



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29 08 2013
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