Respro Hump Initial Review

30 09 2011

Hump details...

I received my Hump from Respro in the UK recently. Check out my initial post to get the lay of the land.

Small package - big visibility at night...=-)

Ordering was easy and the Hump arrived within a week with no customs charges or taxes. Shipping was free to Canada/USA.

No flash shot of Hump on my Ortlieb backpack...

The Hump I ordered is their highly reflective model made up of almost entirely reflective material. I love be reflective at night as it doesn’t need batteries and “activates” only when there is a car/bike behind you with their lights on. You never have to worry if it’s working or if you forgot to charge the batteries.

The Hump under flash power...

The Hump is a backpack cover. It has elastic trim and two straps with snap on fasteners at the ends. This makes it easy to install or remove from your backpack even with gloves on. It wouldn’t be easy to access your pack with the cover on so this is better for bike commuters than for folks running errands that require constant access.

My black Ortlieb backpack un-Humped...

You can move the Hump around between any backpacks you own that are ~15L-30L in size. That should work for most cyclists.

The same Ortlieb pack Humped...

The Hump comes in many colours including waterproof varieties and models with built in lights. The one I choose isn’t very bright in daylight which is okay as I am not looking to be a traffic cone, but for those who are there is a a Hump for you!…=-)

The other side of the Hump...

The Hump looks well made and durable. It should last many years. It’s thicker than the rain cover on my Camelbak Transalp backpack for example so it should be able to take some abuse.

Humping is a personal thing. Some choose to ump. Some choose not to Hump. If you do end up Humping send me some photos and a write up of your feelings about it…=-)

Update – Marcus commented and let me know there is a 25L-50L Hump as well…Let’s call it the Mega Hump. Fewer colour choices, but allows those who ride with big packs to Hump as well.Check out page 9 in this Respro Catalogue.



7 responses

30 09 2011

Comes in larger size too. I ordered a 30-60L Hump about a week ago to cover my Kelty Redwing 2650. Hope it comes soon! In the larger size, the color choices are more limited.

1 10 2011
Val Garou

I’ve had my eye on this for a while. Your positive review might push me towards pulling the trigger.

I have no doubt the cover will last, but I’m very interested in hearing how the reflective material holds up.

1 10 2011

@Val – I can’t say for sure, but I have lots of other reflective gear that’s going strong 5-10yrs old when used frequently. The stuff near the bottom or anywhere it rubs will stop working, but the majority of the back should last a long time.

2 10 2011

Would they work as pannier covers? Kriss

3 10 2011

This appears to be a product I could use. Thanks for making me aware of it. I’m going to order one.

6 10 2011
alex wenman

i love the look of these i need something like this for when im riding at night which recently seems to be the only time i actually get to ride at the minute with work and everything so yeah thanks for the heads up i thinki ill be ordering one in the next few days

3 12 2011
Respro Hump® (@My_Hump)

Kriss, yes all Hump® products are designed to fit pannier bags too.

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