27 09 2011

Sharon at REI...

Sharon and I took the ferry over to Seattle this weekend to celebrate her 40th birthday. We didn’t bring bikes and I didn’t mention it on the blog because I wanted to give Sharon as much time to do what she wanted while we were there. We stayed at a hotel downtown and walked around the center of town…as far as Volunteer Park. The weather cooperated for the most part and we enjoyed the wide variety of things to do/see downtown. Sharon said she was going to REI for me, but since she came out with a big bag of clothes and I didn’t buy anything I may have been duped…=-)

We were a little worried our stay in Seattle would be extended an extra day due to a big storm that was coming in as our ferry was due to depart, but we made it home just in time before the worst of the storm hit.

Inside outside at REI...

All in all it was a fun trip and a good way to celebrate. Sharon’s already talking about going back for a full on shopping weekend with a girlfriend – thankfully I am being spared that ordeal…=-)



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27 09 2011

Great to see she doesn’t mind to publish her age here for the world to know


27 09 2011

Why would she mind? People being ashamed of their age is sad.

27 09 2011

What is that in the REI tower? Is it a climbing wall, or is it empty?

27 09 2011

I’m surprised you didn’t buy anything when you were at REI. Happy belated B’day to Sharon.

27 09 2011

My wife shares the same B-day.
My wife likes to shop at REI too.


28 09 2011

@Scott – there is a tall climbing wall in the glass tower.

28 09 2011

@Donna – I poked around the store, but there was nothing I needed that they had in stock. I was a bit underwhelmed at their selection. It didn’t feel like the huge store offered a lot more than a typical smaller REI. It was a beautiful building though so I am glad to have seen it.

28 09 2011
Joel S.

Sharon is 40? No need to be ashamed of that. She looks fantastic! I never would have guessed. Amazing what exercise instead of TV will do for ya :0)

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