24 09 2011

What an idiot!

With these GoPro helmet cameras becoming more and more popular for just about every sport I’m forced to let you know that you look like an idiot with one on your head. It’s not your fault and there is nothing you can do about it other than to remove the camera from your helmet. Now if you are making a movie or doing a once in a lifetime stunt I get it and support the temporary goofiness. On the other hand if you simply wear it all the time and don’t do anything with the footage I feel obliged to make you aware that you look stupid. I’ve been there so I’m not calling you out on something I’m not guilty of as well, but friends don’t let friends make fools of themselves without a head’s up.

I’ve seen some good HD GoPro videos online – both of them…lol…sadly the thousands of these cameras people are wearing do not seem to be resulting in internet video awesomeness!…=-)~



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25 09 2011

i wouldnt feel to much like an idiot mate, its a fantastic idea. Those awesome vids come from somewhere, just think of what you will be able to show ppl!

25 09 2011
Ped Al

Welcome to the club of idiots Vik! 🙂

27 09 2011

When you bike on the streets (in LA atleast), having one deters drivers of motorized vehicles from doing stupid things to you. Since it’s now law that you can’t harass a cyclist, they are afraid of the video evidence

27 09 2011

Can you use 26 in Big Apples on the Pugsley Large Marges? Can you use 26 in tubes with the Endos in a pinch if you don’t have the surly toob?

27 09 2011

@Patrick – I have heard of folks using the 2.35″ Big Apples on Large Marge rims. I can’t confirm that, but they sounded like it would work.

You can certainly try a MTB 26″ tube in an Endo. I think it would explode, but the bigger the tube – ie. 2.5″ vs. 2.1″ and the heavier duty the better your chances.

Your Surly super big tube sees relatively low pressure so you can always try fixing it in some funky way a tube that gets inflated to 60-100psi+ couldn’t handle.

27 09 2011

I live in San Francisco not too far from the beach I was thinking about getting the Pugsley for some beach riding and occasionally for my 7 mile all urban commute up and down the hills of SF. Do you think the Pugsley would be overkill?

28 09 2011

@Patrick – It won’t be overkill for the beach. For urban riding it will perform fine with some pressure in the tires. You could also build up a 2nd set of wheels using 29er MTB rims which would give you a wide selection of tires that might be more appropriate for urban riding. If you did that it would be just like any other rigid MTB frame, but you’d have the fat tire option when you wanted it.

1 10 2011

Because we really care what you (or anybody) thinks we look cool.

Why would everywhere and everybody have to conform to some sort of sheeple fashion style of the moment? I’ll wear a GoPro if I go paragliding and feel like something entertaining might happen. Now though, gee, I’ll be all worried if some random dude thinks I don’t look COOL.

Nice posts besides this one.

2 10 2011

@Jake – “Why would everywhere and everybody have to conform to some sort of sheeple fashion style of the moment?”

I have no idea? Why would you think I expected you to do what makes sense for me? Expressing one’s opinion is not a command that others must follow.

3 10 2011
Greg Weber (@onespeedgreg)

Cameras ..just one more piece of junk.. Remeber when we all left the house with a tube , pump, and barely enough food.. Thats how the best rides always start.

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