Fiber Fix Spokes

22 09 2011

Fiber Fix emergency spoke...

On tours and brevets I carry a couple of these kevlar Fiber Fix emergency spokes. They are easy to use without having to remove your cassette if a driveside spoke breaks. They are light, cheap and reusable. You can ride on one just like it was a regular spoke until getting a replacement is possible. They will fit any bike so you don’t have to stock spare spokes of every conceivable length you might have in your bike fleet.

Instructions part 1...

Now I must admit although I’ve owned 4 or 5 of these spokes for 10yrs or so I have never used one. I don’t break spokes – due to my equipment choices, the amount of gear I carry and the fact I get my wheels built/checked by a professional wheel builder. Having said that it can and does happen. Even if it’s not my bike I want to be able to get a friend rolling as quickly/easily as possible. You never know when you might get a stick in your wheel and no matter how well it was built – if that happens some spokes will break!

Instructions part 2...

I have spoken to folks that have used these spokes in emergencies and reports have been favourable. I hope my luck continues and I am not able to review this product for you myself…=-)

Now that I am thinking about it I’m going to add a Fiber Fix spoke to my mountain biking tool kit!



6 responses

22 09 2011

I used this recently and was quite happy with the result. it wasn’t perfect, but good enough until the end of my trip when i could get to my LBS for a new spoke.

well worth the minor weight and it’s reusable!

22 09 2011

The one time I tried to use mine the cord snapped where it had been tighly folded in the container (by me) so be careful how you wrap and store it when you put it back in the tube. I had bought a bike that had aluminum nipples and I didn’t switch them out, not doing that again.

22 09 2011

@RTK – I use AL nipples on most of my custom wheels with no issues.

22 09 2011
Steve Fuller

I know a guy that used one of these to finish a 150 mile gravel race. He forgot he had it until he opened his pack to also change a tube at the same time. I need to pick one or two of these up to keep on a couple of bikes.

23 09 2011

Another vote for Fiberfix. I carry one and have never used it, but on a tour of Hokkaido this past spring my buddy broke a rear spoke on his very loaded LHT (he was carrying all the gear for himself and his wife :). I pulled out my Fiberfix and we were able to continue riding through the mountains until we found a bike shop the next day.

14 10 2011
Basil Yokarinis

I never tour without one of these, they’re great. And you can actually ride quite a distance with it – in fact I’ve never had one fail yet, I just end up replacing it with a real spoke because I get nervous after a while.

Also in this genre of must-have-on-tour thingies is the light cassette removal tool for when you DO have to take your cassette off:

I’ve used the Pamir and the Stein, both work great.

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