Cat Stop!

21 09 2011

Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent...

I like cats. I have a cat. My cat shits in a litter box and I clean that up regularly. My cat stays indoors. So my yard should be free of poo shouldn’t it?

Sadly my backyard was becoming a favourite poo spot for neighborhood cats – not good…=-( When I had a dog I used to hate having to walk carefully around my backyard to avoid piles of dog shit. So my tolerance for having to watch out for crap is low when I don’t have an outside pet.

I tried mothballs which worked for a month and then the local cats got used it and resumed Operation Poop! I couldn’t scare them away myself because they came at all hours of the day/night. I wasn’t prepared to get/borrow a dog since it resulted in the same issues as the cats – just in larger quantities. I was resigned to fencing in any areas of my yard that cats could enter, but when I looked at how much effort and $$$ that would take I balked.

What to do?

Well I asked Google for a solution and it suggested the Cat Stop motion detecting ultrasonic cat deterrent. Normally I wouldn’t trust such a gadget and assume it was a gimmick, but I was desperate so I bought one.

To my surprise it has worked. No more cat poo where I place the Cat Stop. Cats still come into my backyard – which I don’t mind. Heck I can tell they are still shitting in my yard, but now they are staying off the grass and doing it in the tree line/brush which doesn’t bother me as I don’t walk there.

I suppose I could get a couple more Cat Stops to keep cats out completely, but now that my grass is safe for walking, playing frisbee and drying out my kites I’m satisfied. I get several months per battery and the unit has survived our wet climate just fine.

If you have a cat poo problem I can recommend the Cat Stop.



10 responses

21 09 2011

another reason to love your blog! thanks!

21 09 2011

don’t the kitties in your part of the world know to bury their poop? the burying of poop is a problem in suburbs of Perth because you never quite know what is in that children’s sandpit…. I don’t have problems with cats though as I have two very territorial dogs. Their poop is not a problem as they mostly poop on walks, so I have to pick it up right away, and we have such a small yard it’s only a 5 minute job to pick up/dispose of poop. When I lived in a place with a bigger backyard we had a ‘poop free zone’ but if anyone ventured beyond that at night there were no guarantees their shoes would remain poop-free.

21 09 2011

Cats can’t dig through sod to bury poop at least not the size of house cat we have around here. I know there are poop coping strategies, but I’m dog-free so I don’t want to have to deal with someone else’s pet’s poop in my own backyard…=-)

22 09 2011

my my … manifestation of moggy motions mania meets sneaky sonic sentinel solution!

22 09 2011
Scott Gamble

#firstworldproblems dude

22 09 2011

@Scott – for sure…in Baja I’d just poison the cats or use a shotgun and solve my problem using fewer 9 volt batteries.

22 09 2011

Usually its the raccoons that poop in the grass and don’t bury it, at least here in Portland.

22 09 2011

@GT – I might be blaming raccoon poop on my local cats. I haven’t actually witnessed any pooping – only seen the result. Either way I’m not so much concerned with which critter pooped as that it stops.

Perhaps the device should be renamed the Raccoon Stop!

22 09 2011
Scott Gamble

@vik – LOL!

okay okay. It’s PROBABLY better than that. I concede the point.

Growing up, my dad kept a pellet pistol by the back door and would use cats in the garden as target practice. Garden was a good clip away – probably 20 meters, so it never hurt the cats but it’d scare the bejesus out of them.

22 09 2011

We have a similar problem here. Some animal poops in the backyard. It’s got to be a skunk or a possum or cat, but not sure which one. So, when I do shit patrol, I pick up all kinds of crap, shall we say? The other problem is the neighborhood cats spraying all over all the doors: patio doors, garage doors…They all smell like cat piss sometimes. We spray and wash’em to keep the stink out. All this is in spite of one Shaggy Ph. D. (professional sheep dog) and a M. S. D (Mangolian sheep dog: a chow-chow that pretends it is a sheep dog). Go figure!

Peace 🙂

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