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20 09 2011

Respro Hi Viz Backpack Cover...

This is a backpack cover that adds to your visibility when on the road. It attaches to your regular backpack so you can move it around if you use different ones. Never needs batteries plus you can ride around with the word “HUMP” on your back letting the world know exactly where you stand when it comes to gender relations. They are sold in the UK by Respro and the price includes free worldwide shipping – I assume they use the VAT [now at 20%] that non-UKers don’t have to pay to cover shipping costs.

There are many different colour schemes for every taste. I’ve ordered the version shown above and will review it this winter in Victoria. I like the fact I can deploy it when I feel the need for more visibility and then put it away or leave it at home when I don’t feel the need and want to look like a normal human again.



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20 09 2011
Luis Bernhardt

But is it waterproof? I use the German-made Deuter pack for commuting, and their cycling rucksack comes with a raincover built into its own zippered compartment, detachable for washing. Their current version raincover comes in one of those high-visibility yellow/green colors required for Euro certification, a plus on dark, rainy days. Also, the “Deuter” label is more discreetly placed than having “Hump” plastered across the sides. The advantage of having the rain cover actually attached to the pack becomes quite evident the first time you have to deploy it in a hurry; with the Deuter, you can actually do this with one hand with the pack balanced across the top tube of the bike.

20 09 2011

@Luis – I have no idea if it’s waterproof. My cycling backpacks [Ortlieb] are waterproof so that’s not a feature I’m looking for. I’ve had a Camelback backpack with a bright rain cover that was attached to the bag. The main problem I see with using it regularly for visibility is that it would end up with holes in it from all the wear and tear. A lot of folks have existing backpacks they love so adding just the cover is a good way to go.

20 09 2011
21 09 2011

I had no idea they made backpacks specially designed for cycling. I hate cycling with a backpack; I thought that’s why they invented panniers — to make the bike carry the weight instead of your shoulders, which already have enough work to do when you’re riding a bike.

I always assumed that people who wore backpacks on bikes did so either because they didn’t know better, or because they didn’t want to ruin the look of their cool fixie by cluttering it with racks or handlebar bags.

Do some of you actually prefer a backpack to a pannier? Why?

21 09 2011

I use backpacks a lot on my bikes, I own 3 cycling specific backpacks and have others that I use on my bikes just fine. A lot of my biking is a means to an end and a lot of those ends require me to walk away from my bike with my stuff – often several times on the same trip. With a backpack I just hop off my bike and go. Walking with my gear is as easy as cycling. Carrying panniers is never fun so I don’t do it.

I like my panniers and if I am going to stay with my bike all day and/or carry a lot of heavy stuff I use ’em.

If you have a quality backpack that fits you well you should be able to cycle with light to moderate loads in total comfort.

21 09 2011
Val Garou

Yeah, I would say backpack vs. pannier is a “right tool for the job” decision.

If I’m shopping for a week’s worth of groceries, the panniers make sense. If I need to jump off the bike and run in for a gallon of milk, the backpack is simpler.

I’d say that for touring panniers are the right choice, but the guys over at would disagree.

21 09 2011

@Val – if I was riding the GDR again I wouldn’t take panniers. I’d use a framebag and strap stuff to the tops of my front/rear racks – or ditch the racks and use seat/bar bags. Panniers off paved roads aren’t all that much fun.

22 09 2011
Val Garou


Really interesting to hear you say that. My buddy and I want to tackle the GDR, say Banff to Denver, sometime in the next two seasons. Your posts have sorta justified/convinced me that my Pugsley is the tool for the job. So you think you could happily condense your 4 pannier load down to a frame bag and some stuff sacks? I’d like to hear what you’d do differently or maybe not bring.

I’ve thought about towing a BOB, too. On the one hand, that seems like too much weight. On the other hand, does the guy heaving a Pugsley around get to complain about weight?


22 09 2011

@Val – skip the trailer,,,more weight and more to break. You can definitely condense your gear down and skip the panniers – people do it all the time. The thing is you are going to be riding your bikes all day every day and you have to ask yourself – “Do I want to have fun on the ride or have lots of stuff in camp at the end of the day?” You spend your uphills lugging all your crap against gravity and the downhills you are looking for the smoothest like so you don’t break your trailer/racks. If you go light with framebags you can ride your Pugs like a MTB and have fun riding…launching of rocks, etc…

There are lots of lightweight bike packing lists online and with two of you it’s easier to carry less since you can split group gear. The CDN GDR is some of the best riding on the whole GDR and it’s doable in a 3-4 day weekend with light bikes. You could use that as a shake down ride to ensure your gear works and you are happy.

BTW – a Pugsley on the GDR will be as fast as any other MTB due to the full suspension effect of its tires and the excellent climbing efficiency of the rigid frame. You are at no disadvantage on a Pug.

30 09 2011
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