Partridge Hills

19 09 2011

A ride with a view...

Kurt and I explored a new mountain bike spot in Victoria this weekend called Partridge Hills. It was full of unmarked flowy single-track. Hard enough to be interesting, but not so much to wreck your rhythm. I think it’s my new favourite local riding spot.

Like Hartland – even though there are loads of mountain bikers in Victoria – Partridge Hill was empty on a nice warm weekend. I don’t understand that about Vancouver Island, but I’m not complaining! Maybe there are so many great places to ride local dirt riders spread out and don’t bump into each other. Whatever the reason it’s awesome!

There is a little pushing required...

The trails are above Durrance Lake so you have a nice swim/picnic opportunity post ride. You need to climb/push a bit to get up to the trails, but once there the altitude gain/loss isn’t big. We did run into a hiker who gave us the stink-eye so keeping your radar on and being considerate of other trail users is important.

Kurt in action...

If you are looking for more info about Partridge Hills and Vancouver Island MTBing you need this book.



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