Petzel e+lite 5 Month Review

14 09 2011

Small light with powerful kung-fu!

I bought a Petzel e+lite this spring to use on brevets so I could read my cue sheets and as an emergency light to effect repairs in the dark. It saw use on a 300K and on a few training rides. Since then it lives in my office and has been used as a convient light for more mundane activities like finding my keys when I drop them under the deck at midnight! Click on the image above to read my original post about this light and for basic product details.

Lots of options...

What do I think so far?

  • attaches securely to the visor of my Bern helmet
  • very lightweight so does not affect my neck on long rides
  • easy to operate with cycling gloves on
  • red light is nice as it doesn’t kill my night vision
  • provides sufficient light to read a cue sheet and to act as an emergency “be seen” light if you main light fails
  • quite bright for its size
  • easy to change where the light is aimed while riding and it stays in place even on bumps
  • very robust – I ran this light through my washer/dryer in the pocket of my pants and it works like new
  • I don’t like small coin type batteries, but I am still going strong on my originals so it’s not awful

Ideal for a visor or baseball cap...

Overall I’m pleased and would buy this product again. My only gripe is the type of battery it uses and it would not be possible to have such a small form factor with a couple AAA rechargeables in there so it’s something I can live with for the benefits of the weight/size. As Rando season approaches it will start to live on my Bern’s visor again.



2 responses

14 09 2011

Yup, love this light for this use. Red light for cue reading. Option to turn on the white bright for a mechanical or to sort through a gear bag, and for around camp… The battery lasts a surprisingly long time…

14 09 2011
Bill Russell

I used this at PBP this year; bombproof!

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