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13 09 2011

Got poison ivy?

The job site I just came back from was packed with poison ivy and many of my co-workers were affected. The ones that didn’t have any problems were very careful about what they touched and kept their gloves away from their faces and other sensitive regions. I was a bit worried at first, but after I while I just stopped taking all precautions and despite tromping all over the site to the tune of 40kms+ of walking I didn’t have any issues. I may be immune to poison ivy! I would prefer to be able to turn invisible, have x-ray vision or be able to fly, but heck I’d rather have any superpower than none at all…=-)



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13 09 2011
Rob E. Loomis

I have that as well! You’re right, it’s hardly at the top of the superpower list, but it has it’s uses. Like in my youth when my brothers and I mistakenly thought that the berries were growing on a tree, but, after a vigorous berry fight, came to realize that they were actually growing on vines attached to the tree. Itchy days followed…for them.
Last month I put it to the test again when the only two trees available for my hammock were covered in some suspicious-looking vines. I wasn’t sure, but my desire to sleep overrode my caution. Attempts to not touch the vines proved futile, but my only itches the next day were from bug bites, so it ain’t a bad trait to have.

13 09 2011
Janice in GA

Still minimize your exposure if you can. It’s possible to develop a reaction after years of exposure with no problems.

Ask me how I know this.

13 09 2011
Todd S

I seem unaffected by poison ivy as well. I can also suck down an entire helium balloon with no noticeable change to my voice. I’m thinking of submitting my story for the next of the Avengers movies.

13 09 2011

@Janice – I won’t be rolling in it just to flaunt my immunity….no worries…=-)

13 09 2011


I was completely immune to poison ivy as a youngster, then not so much, culminating in some really bad cases. My bro is, as far as I can tell, still completely immune. My grandpa used to eat it in schoolyard bets and possibly bar bets later as he was invincible. Turns out I started getting poison oak bad enough to need steroids, after a few years of not getting it at all when I lived in norcal. Anyhow, good luck, YMMV, etc. But I am pretty sure the lit shows that you can easily sensitize over time. Fortunately NM is relatively free of the stuff.

24 09 2011

I hope you’re permanently immune, but like some others I’d suggest trying to stay out of it anyway, because the allergy develops with more exposure.

25 09 2011

Thanks for all the tips. I’ve decided to cancel my plans for rolling around naked in poison ivy for reality TV.

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