Long Way Round Trailers…

4 09 2011

I dug around and watched these trailers for Long Way Round and I can see how the TV show format would be a lot more entertaining than the book I reviewed.



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4 09 2011
Dr Jim

Hi Vick.,
I have the DVD set for Long Way Round. It is a fun one to watch for sure. It is definitely worth the purchase. …They have several DVD’s with the same theme….Long Way Down and another about the Race to Khartoum I like the Long Way Round the best.

There are also DVD’s done by Broken Pot Productions and the 60kmp Club respectively about taking the same type of journeys through northern India on Royal Enfields…really fun….low tech and little money …….Happy Trails.

5 09 2011
Gerco van Vulpen

Looks like a fun video to watch… Would be an amazing trip on a bicycle… 😉
Might take a bit longer though…

5 09 2011

Hi Vick,

The show is entertaining, but their interest in local cultures and respect for the harse conditions in which the locals live remains extremely low. They like to explain that travelling in not western area’s is extremly difficult and that all those idiots that don’t speak any English are part of the scenery.

Personally, I feel this series is setting us back to the era of Stanley and other explorers. It is “postcard” tourism taken to a new level.

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