Andy Warhol was right…

4 09 2011

The usual...

Along with the normal stuff I do on most projects this time around we’ve got a TV camera crew on site documenting things for an upcoming show. I’m not allowed to say too much yet, but when I give up blogging to become a reality TV superstar don’t be surprised!

Lights, camera , action~!

I’ve been trying to sell them on the idea of a bike blogger sitcom, but so far they can’t wrap their heads’ around the concept. They also laugh when I suggest Will Smith play me on the show. I’ll keep trying…=-)



8 responses

4 09 2011

I can’t quite my head around that either, besides I would miss your blog. By the way, what is it that you do for a living?

4 09 2011
Chris Cullum

I think BSNYC would have right of first refusal anyway…

4 09 2011

‘Dirty Jobs’? 😉

4 09 2011

More like Vik the lazy Cyborg. You’ve got more wires and hardware on you than I have in my house.

GIS? Surveying?
I’m curious as to the cart. Looks like a survey receiver, wired to you. Then you are pulling it along a predetermined path? But I presume someone had to layout the path… Curious. For sure.

4 09 2011

@Mike – GPS on an EM coil looking for metal. I have to agree the complexity and size of the stuff I have to wear makes me feel like I’m back in the ’70s era USSR…LMAO. There should be an iPhone app that talks wirelessly to the orange cart so I can saunter along unencumbered.

4 09 2011

@AC – currently I do consulting work in the UXO clearance industry in Canada. That era looks to be coming to an end after 15yrs and I’m considering new ways to make $$$ in 2012.

16 09 2011

I once got filmed for a TV pilot while I was working as a landscaper. It’s too complicated and boring for me to explain why. The best things about it was gorging myself at the craft wagon, and getting paid to stand around not working while the important TV-people were playing with their gear and deciding what to do next.

Predictably, the show didn’t get picked up. I hope you have better luck and become TV’s old-bomb-clearing superstar.

16 09 2011

@Ben – the show has been picked up already. The pilot was back in March…but sadly I get paid nothing! If it was up to me I’d say forget about it, but the company that sends me cheques wanted to participate so like a good little soldier I complied…=-)

I doubt I’ll be very popular with the producers because I never get mad and my part of the projects is always on time and without problems.

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