The Schwalbe Marathon XR is back!

2 09 2011

Welcome back XR!

My favourite touring tires are back! Thank God! I haven’t worn out my existing XRs so I can just get some Schwalbe Marathon Mondials when they do. The new name it a stupid mouthful compared to the simplicity of the previous name – XR, but that’s a small price to pay…=-)

Click on the image above to read the press release. Thanks to Richard for letting me know…=-)



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2 09 2011

Yay! Thanks for the update. I blew out the rear XR on my Big Dummy on the Kettle Valley trail this summer and was bummed that I couldn’t find a replacement. I have an Extreme on right now, but am looking forward to switching back to an XR when they are stocked again.

3 09 2011
Rob Krochenski

This is probably a useless comment designed to allow me to gloat a little. But sometime after the XR went out of production and I had decided my new touring rig required that particular tire that had gained such high praise, I called the Bellingham outlet and found that they had their remaining stock at 50% off. I quickly bought two sets which will probably last my lifetime.

I see on Schwalbe’s website that you can only order their product from your LBS, but my experience in ordering from the aforementioned outlet a couple of times suggests that is not the case (although I do maintain an American street address for such purposes).

I also see that the new Mondial is available in 26X2.15 but not 26X2.25 as the original was…for whatever that is worth.

Its all good though…thanks for the report,

3 09 2011

Schwalbe tire sizes are always changing. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 2.25″ Mondial at some point.

2 12 2011

For those looking for the Mondials have them (700c sizes at least) for EUR$31.85 (+ VAT if you pay it). So for Australians and Americans that is about $43 a tyre plus postage. Not too bad a price.

I am considering them for my forthcoming Dreaming Tour, about 5,000 km with a mix of bitumen and gravel/sand/ roads. Does anyone particular off the bitumen by any chance?

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