Wow lots of new stuff from Surly for 2012!

26 08 2011

Surly Orge 29er...

If you are a Surly fan jump over to their blog and check out the new 2012 products. There are a lot of them including a disc brake LHT and new even fatter tire [4.5″ vs. 3.7″] fat tire bike…=-)

BTW – to answer the inevitable questions I have no plans to buy any of these new products so unless the Blog Fairy drops them off at my door I won’t be making any major additions to the fleet in 2012.



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26 08 2011

i am seriously interested in a bfl for my pugs. i can then move the front larry to the rear and ditch the endo. might have problems with the bfl clearing in the rear with an alfine chain line, but i guess there is only one way to find out!

the new fat tires are the most interesting part. wondering how people will set up the ogre – drop bars mostly or flat.
i think i will be sticking to my current strategy of beefing up my bikepacking setup on my current 29er with better UL camping gear.

26 08 2011
Scott Gamble

That Ogre is quite the bike isn’t it? It’s almost identical to the KM I modded at the beginning of this year – a config I’ve been having an email conversation with a certain fella at Surly about since March. I think I said the only two things I didn’t do on on mine that I wanted to was to mount the rear caliper inside the triangle, and use a tunnel mount on the mid fork brazeon instead of the hourglass brazeon we used. Nice to see these changes rolled up into a production model.

Scroll down.

Neat stuff, all around.

11 10 2011


As a Puglsey owner/user. Do you have any comments on when or what conditions would warrant bigger tyres than usable on a Pugsley?

I’m thinking about a big tyre bike for Australian desert routes, including the Canning Stock Route, and trying to work out whether the Moonlander and bigger tyres is worth the potential extra weight and more limited parts choice.


12 10 2011

@Tom – I’ll answer your question as a blog post in the next day or two.

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