Hi Ho Off To Work I Go!

25 08 2011

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I’m off to Ontario for a month of fieldwork starting this weekend. I’m not sure how much free time I’ll have or what the internet access will be like so my blogging will likely be spotty and brief. On the bright side it will be time to hit the waves when I get back and become [I hope!] a real surfer this winter…not just a kook messing about in the ocean…=-)



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25 08 2011

We’ll miss your posts! Where will you be in Ontario?

25 08 2011

@Hook – thanks…..I’ll be working near Trenton and Niagara on the Lake.

25 08 2011
Kevin Hill

The Harmony Creek Brewery is between those two places. Maybe you will drop in and check out their latest offering.

25 08 2011

@Kevin – any free time I have not working will be spent visiting my parents in TO. Based on previous projects I doubt I will have much free time beyond a shower in the evening and a quick run at my emails.

25 08 2011
Kevin Hill

Enjoy Ontario all the same

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