You can’t lose if you try…

24 08 2011

No I am not selling my Big Dummy!

I’m working on reducing my bike fleet by 2 to get the storage situation into control. Now that Sharon has 4 bikes I need to keep the total number of rigs down to the number we can store in the garage and still get access to our other sports gear. I spent some time organizing the garage this year which made a huge difference in the number of bikes we can store in there and still move around, but I am still by my calculations 2 bikes over what is practical.

As I consider which bikes to let go I’ve been thinking about all the bikes I’ve owned over the last 10yrs – many of which were sold and are in new homes. I don’t feel bad about buying and selling bikes. I’ve had the opportunity to try out some great rides from many diverse niches in the bicycle universe. The fact I didn’t love them all enough to keep them or that I’ve not got the storage to make that possible even if I did isn’t a sad thing. I’ve learnt that the only way to get a handle on a bike is to ride it for a good long while. A quick test ride doesn’t tell the real story – especially with unusual bikes like recumbents or cargo bikes.

On the upside by testing out some many bikes I’ve got a fleet of rides that I think are amazing. Bikes that have stood the test of time and some stiff competition for the limited storage space I have. The trouble of course is that it’s hard to see a way to downsize past a certain point when you love each bike so much.

Ibis Mojo HD - all mountain carbon fiber goodness....=-)

That’s okay…at least for the moment there aren’t any bikes on my mind that I am dying to check out. There are lots of bikes I’m interested in, but I’d need to be highly motivated at the moment to expand my fleet. The one bike I’d really like to ride right now is an Ibis Mojo HD, but the $4K-$5K price tag is simply not realistic when I have a $4K+ Santa Cruz Nomad Mk2 in the garage that’s in fine shape and I’m not interested in selling the Nomad. Of course if anyone at Ibis is reading this and is interested in a long term review just send a Mojo HD my way – I’m your man…=-)



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24 08 2011

I think you appproaching this problem from completely the wrong angle. What you need is a bigger garage. Voila, problem solved! 😉


24 08 2011

Not really – that would just cause a different problem – a bigger garage with more bikes in it would cost a load more $$$. Unless I win the lottery my current income is all used up so there isn’t any more $$$ to go around unless I want to give up the money I use to travel and get to use my gear.

That wouldn’t be a good trade off and I don’t want to work more/harder either so I need to work within the limits of my current garage and income.

24 08 2011

I know what ya mean. Moving in with my g/f, we’ve both got plenty of bikes (though I do have many more than her). But, try adding two velomobiles into the mix. Makes for even more fun to figure out storage space.

We’ve got a three car garage; once sorted out it will have two velos, four recumbents, a recumbent trike, cargo bike, two mt bikes, and a imitation folding Dahon. And even space left for a Mini Cooper. 😉 (my car will be outside 😦 )

24 08 2011

3 car garage?…OMG! I wouldn’t need a house if I had that…=-)

24 08 2011

Totally understand where you are coming from there. Sometimes you need to own a bike yourself to really know whether you love it or not. Unfortunately if you have a collection of bikes, if your partner wasn’t a bike geek, they will soon become one and have a collection of their own….

We don’t even have a garage, the bikes are kept inside the house. At the moment I have 5 bikes, and my partner has 3. We can’t realistically keep more than that inside. Our visitors already think we are mad.

25 08 2011

have you thought about hanging up your bikes with hooks ( my roommates and i have 22 bikes among us (including a pugsley, big dummy, and tandem) and they all fit in our modest basement on hooks. not sure where they found the extra-wide hook for the pugs, but they’re out there. huge space saver, imho!

26 08 2011

Just bought a hanging system today to hang the roadies by their wheels… we have a 2-up bike stand as well.

26 08 2011

@Doug – I do hang most of my bikes up with hooks. This makes it posible to put so many bikes in a small garage and still move around. It’s a bit of PITA to take them down, but we tend to each leave 1 bike down on the floor that we are using regularly.

26 08 2011

@Vik – yeah, its big, but the space goes quick. As you know, recumbents can be a bit trickier to store. Might look into hanging some, but will need the rope/pulley setup, as the garage has a 10′ (or more?) ceiling.

26 08 2011

@Zyzzyz – I mounted my hooks in the wall to a 2 x 8 that I bolted to the wall’s studs so the hooks aren’t in the roof and they can be set at a convenient height. You should be able to hang most recumbents by one wheel including trikes. If they are heavy the only hassle will be lifting them up into position.

11 09 2011


I used “Saris CycleGlide 4-Bike Ceiling Mount Storage Rack”. Its more than just hooks on the ceiling. It allows you to hook your bikes upside down on the hooks, but also slide the bikes to select which one you want. Its like hanging clothes on hangers in a closet.


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