Ortlieb my secret weapon!

17 08 2011

High visibility black...

I went to collect my mail at my UPS Store mailbox downtown yesterday. The lady who grabbed my parcels knows I usually come on a bike so she was concerned I wouldn’t be able to get two decent sized boxes home without a car. I told her it would be no problem as I shrugged off my large Ortlieb backpack and started loading it up. Once I had both boxes inside I showed her that there was plenty of room left for more!

Boxes are no problem!

The Ortlieb Messenger Bag Pro is designed for professional bike couriers and that pedigree shows when you are stuffing bulky boxes inside or trying to keep large envelopes flat and undamaged. If you are looking for a way to haul stuff on your bike without the hassle of panniers and racks this is a bag worth considering. Especially if carrying bulky items and having a waterproof enclosure are important to you.



4 responses

17 08 2011
wirehead (@wirehead)

Damnit, every time you post about it, I want one a little bit more.

18 08 2011
Micheal Blue

Hmm, but you have to carry it on your body, not on your bike. That would be a no-show in my case. I dislike having my back/shoulders loaded when biking and also sweating underneath.

18 08 2011

That’s awesome.
I suppose where there is a will (or Vik), there is a way 🙂

Peace 🙂

19 08 2011

I prefer backpacks to panniers when I will be on and off the bike a lot as carrying panniers around isn’t any fun. I haven’t had any sweating issues with my Ortlieb backpacks. I’m not racing to get the mail.

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