Deck Slaves!

15 08 2011

We stained the deck...

Nothing exciting to report this weekend. We decided to break from our normal routine and spend a weekend at home taking care of stuff.

Sanded furniture...

Although we got lots of stuff done our primary mission was staining our deck and refinishing the deck furniture. It seemed like an easy job, but it took the whole day by the time we went out for supplies in the AM until we had a celebratory BBQ on the deck in the PM.

Before and after sanding + tung oil...

I’m glad it’s done. I didn’t mind sticking close to home and making some progress on our chores, but I wouldn’t want to do this every weekend!

Looking good...

On a sports related note this deck isn’t just for relaxing in the sunshine. It’s a SUP, surfboard and sea kayak storage device that you just happen to be able to BBQ on…=-)

The re-finished product...=-)



3 responses

15 08 2011
Scott Gater

Looks like summer finally arrived on the BC coast! Great looking deck

15 08 2011

Staining is no easy job! Very nice work, y’all!
Peace 🙂

16 08 2011

You let your gf use your power tools!? Wow.

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