Safe Camping…

13 08 2011

Safety first...

We were talking about camping safety last time we were at Lake Nitnaht and realized the number of tripping accidents was startling. With so many rocks and roots in the campground – not to mention all the fires and smoke walking is very hazardous. So we started wearing helmets every time we were walking around. Then we read online how camping chairs failed regularly sending their occupants tumbling backwards potentially hitting their heads on the ground so we decided it would be foolish to only wear our helmets while walking. Who wants to deal with a serious head injury because they were too lazy or fashion conscious to wear a helmet?

Note – the spare red helmet we kept on hand for anyone visiting out campsite. You gotta be safe if you want to hang with us!

Does this photo make you sad?

We tried to tell the younger generation that they needed to wear a helmet as they were especially at risk with all their playing, but only a few listened…=-( That girl in pink is one slip away from being a vegetable for the rest of her life…*sigh*

On the fence...

One of our friends was a doubter at first. He felt the campground was perfectly safe and only wanted to wear his helmet when out kiteboarding.

Thinking about it...

But we didn’t give up. We read him stats from the internet and told him stories about people we had heard about who were involved in horrible campground walking and sitting accidents.

I love safety...=-)

Eventually he came around! *big smiley face*

A new idea...

We asked this kid why he was wearing a life jacket in the campground and he was wise beyond his years….he said “…what if I trip and fall – breaking my ribs or puncturing a lung?…isn’t it smarter to eliminate that risk by wearing safety gear?…” We couldn’t argue with that! So we made a deal with him that we would all wear our life jackets in camp if he’d wear his helmet from the time he woke up until he went to bed.

Some people don't get it!

What made us really sad was all the people who took the trouble to buy helmets, pack them and transport them up to the lake only to leave them laying about their campsites like they weren’t needed…=-( How many tragic camping chair accidents do we have to have before people start to get it through their head’s that this isn’t a joke??!!.=-(



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13 08 2011
Todd S.

Right on! Though I’d like to point out that you really should have been covered in SPF 150 lotion during all that.

13 08 2011

Those flip flops and bare feet look pretty unsafe. You might consider some steel toed work boots, but to be honest, I really think you are giving up a ton of camping and sitting efficiency without clipping into your chairs. Think about how many more watts you can generate! Remember that your shoes should be stiff enough for sitting action, yet breathable and somewhat flexible in the upper to keep your toes cool, one to stretch a bit when your feet swell. A Fred would totally wear some walkable MT chair type shoe, but a real campee would get a camp sitting specific shoe. And speaking of Fred, none of you are wearing appropriate clothing. You might be more comfortable sitting with some gel flex tri layer chamois shorts. And ditch the cotton, Lycra allows you for both Aero and cooler camping. Points though for no one wearing day glo yellow. Although how does one see you after dark?

Those chairs don’t look laterally stiff and vertically compliant. You may want to snag some carbon fiber frames for them. And add in some zertz inserts to take the buzz out of harmonic vibrations when spinning your hot dog stick.

13 08 2011
John Romeo Alpha

I have just three words (plus these) for you: FALLING TREE BRANCHES.

13 08 2011

Hopefully no government officials see this post. It will only give them new ideas.

13 08 2011

All good points. Camping is far riskier than I had ever appreciated..!!!!!

13 08 2011

I ALWAYS make sure that my whole family is clad in full insulated kevlar gear when we have a campfire. What good is a helmet if you fall in the fire? I also hope that in the future you will also take my advice and dig a 2 foot trench around the outer perimeter of the fire circle and fill it with water. We call it the “circle of safety”.

13 08 2011

I’m not sure what kind of example you are setting for the little ones by venturing outdoors at all. Helmets give everyone false security and encourages people to do what they shouldn’t. Please promise to stay indoors from now on and renounce your dangerous ways.

14 08 2011
Steve Fuller

I agree with Don. The actual outdoors is too dangerous. You really should be sitting inside and spending your time on the internet talking about the outdoors.

14 08 2011

We decided to stay home this weekend. Biking, kiteboarding, camping, SUPing, driving, etc… are all so dangerous that it really did seem silly to leave our property.

We did shop online for a big screen TV and some head protection we could wear in the shower and still clean our hair. If we are going to stay home we might as well enjoy some big screen sports DVDs and let’s be honest at home the two most dangerous rooms are the bathroom and kitchen….so we need to start making them safer.

14 08 2011

Gatorade bottle (clearly marked) would let you take care of liquid waste elimination without leaving the LaZboy, ordering take out with those flimsy plastic utensils (or just get pizza and wings all the time) would take care of the kitchen. Netflix and cable should cover the rest, especially if you can pay bills from your iPad. Be sure tl leave the door unlocked for the pizza guy (and the paramedics).

14 08 2011

I would recommend using shoes with suction cups on the soles to minimize tripping and falling, should one have to walk to the fridge to get more brewski or food.

15 08 2011
Ty Smith

I hereby renounce all outdoor activities in the name of safety.

But how do I protect myself from the radiation from my cell phone, computer monitor, Plasma tv??!?!

In the immortal words of the late Steve Irwin, “Danger, Danger, DANGER!!!”

16 08 2011

Great post!

I always wear a helmet while riding, but have never (knock on wood) been in a crash where it would have helped me (still like to wear it just in case). I have, on the other hand, experienced some terrible running head injuries. I got 8 staples in my head after clipping a gas station sign while running under it (stepped off the sidewalk to avoid some walkers – didn’t realize how low the sign was due to my visor blocking my view), and a few weeks ago a friend of mine was knocked unconscious while trail running by a low hanging branch. Perhaps it is time to design a lightweight running helmet?

16 08 2011
Ty Smith

I think they designed one that would do the trick…

16 08 2011
Ty Smith

Sorry, disregard previous. Meant to put in a link, but it won’t take.

18 08 2011
Raymond Parker

I wear a helmet while cycling and I don’t mind that it is mandated by law. I also wear a cap under the hemet to protect my bald pate from further sun damage (already have precancerous keratosis).

I am careful around tree roots and small children.

That is all.

19 08 2011

The beauty of not having a mandatory helmet law is that people can still wear helmets when they want to.

I wouldn’t support a bike helmet ban.

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