Sharon’s Surfboard…

11 08 2011

Sharon's custom longboard...

With surfing season coming up in September we pulled out Sharon’s longboard and made sure it was in good shape for some wave riding. She had it made custom for her by Jason Heinz a local shaper in Victoria BC.

Graphic detail...

Jason was great to deal with during the building process and the board was completed on time and as ordered. Strangely after that we couldn’t get a hold of him to get a few last details taken care of. His website has since gone offline as well. Not a huge problem as Sharon got everything she had paid for.

The waterside of the board...

The main thing Sharon wanted was to get the board covered in a traction material like the NSI Clear Grip I’ve been using on my Walden Magic Model longboard. Jason said he could buy it in a roll so she would have a really nice clean install on her board, but since he’s gone MIA we ordered the same NSI Clear Grip sheets that I used. They work well and are hassle/maintenance free which is nice.

Limited edition?....

If Jason is out of the surfboard business for the longterm I guess Sharon has one of the last boards he made. Sharon is stoked to have a custom board and it cost her less than 2/3rds of what my mass produced Walden cost so the price was right.




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