Packing a Bike Friday Tandem…

11 08 2011

I found this Bike Friday tandem packing video on Youtube and wanted to bookmark it for easy review when I face the task someday.




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11 08 2011
Duracell Dan

Dear Lazy

What are the pros and cons of having the load on a rear loading cargo bike (e.g. Big Dummy) or a a front loading cargo bike (e.g. CETMA)

P.s have you seen The Black Sheep S-Cargo Bike? and keep up with the great posts


12 08 2011

Hi Vic:

Since I know you enjoy using Ergon grips on some of your bikes, I thought I’d throw this question your way. Do you know of a mirror that will fit on an Ergon GR2 grips? I use these on my Bike Friday tikit- love it and them. But I live in a crowded city where cars often double park so one is pushed out into traffic. I wrote Ergon and never got a response. Just thought with your knowledge, experience, and contacts, you might have heard of a good mirror to fit these great Ergon GR2 grips.
Thanks Donna

12 08 2011

Sorry Vik I misspelled your name above.

Danno- I mean Donna.

12 08 2011

Hi Donna – there are many cycle mirrors that attach to the bike by inserting into the bar and then tighening a bolt which expands the bit inside the bars to hold the mirror in place:

Have a look at the link above – you’ll see many options. I would take your Tikit into your bike shop of choice and get them to show you what they have in stock. You won’t have any trouble getting a decent mirror.

Here are some more options:

12 08 2011

Sorry Vik I misspelled your name above.

Danno- I mean Donna

12 08 2011

Hi Vik:

Thanks for the suggestions.

13 08 2011


Very timely posting, my spouse and I are a few days away from hitting the road to pick up a his and hers NWT. I am thinking with the h-bars that a take-a-look mirror is the only mirror that will work. Do you have any thoughts about better handlebar mounted models.



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