Friends in town…

10 08 2011

This is so easy...

We had friends in town from Alberta for the last few days.

Enjoying the a patio...

We took them to Lake Nitnaht last summer and they requested a less cold and windy experience this year! So we biked around Victoria and hit up a few patios.

I forgot my bathing suit!

Made a stop at Willows Beach where I found out my boxers did not have enough elastic tension at the waist to resist the hydraulic forces of me diving into the ocean…=-) Oh well – next time I’ll remember my surf trunks!

Victoria Harbour...

Checked out the harbour.

Selkirk Trestle...

Rolled up and down the Galloping Goose Trail a few times.

Fine Thai dining...

Went out to all our favourite restaurants.

More harbour biking...

Did a bit more sightseeing around the harbour.

Another patio...

And visited more patios.

Picnic at Port Renfrew...

Took a drive out to Port Renfrew and had a picnic.

SUP lessons...

Got our friends out on SUPs.

Power kiting...

Of course we let them taste the dark side of kiting to try and get them hooked…=-)

Bike posse...

All in all it was a great time and it was fun to see the area through visitors’ eyes.



3 responses

11 08 2011

Just wondering, how are you liking Victoria? Aside from obvious access to all the things you love to do, how would you describe living in the area? Still living the rural not so fantastic fantasy and going into Vancouver is increasingly expensive/unpleasant. I’m a big independent/art/foreign cinema buff, so that’s almost all I care about citywise-and gigs, Victoria seems to get some gigs. I lived in a small rinkydink city for many years, so wouldn’t have a problem with Victoria per say, just wondering what the vibe is?
I hope to do to the galloping goose soon and check out Victoria a bit.

12 08 2011

At 350,000-400,000 people Victoria is a nice medium sized city that gets more than its fair share of events and attention due to the tourist influx and the weather/scenic location in proximity to Vancouver. I know nothing about indy cinema so you’d have to judge that for yourself. I like the slower pace compared to Calgary and the easy access to lots of great sporting activities. Victoria is far more cycling friendly and allows for year round riding. Being close to Vancouver, Seattle and Portland is nice as well. The only downsides to Victoria so far is the quality of restaurants is nowhere near as good as Calgary and the extra 7% sales tax isn’t fun to pay.

Having talked about it with Sharon and I can’t see ourselves moving anywhere else in Canada. We’d move someplace even warmer – SoCal, HI or somewhere tropical, but not to Van/TO or Calgary.

24 08 2011

um Restaurants, that is a good point. I love good restaurants actually. however, I am married to a vegan wheat free fuss pot, so eating out is nearly impossible! The west coast cafe in Port Renfrew is always a treat and Tofino has great restaurants-I could get there more often. We recently discovered a divine place on Bowen called Artesian Eats….worth a little bike trip.
I lived in Regina for many years so am used to very small fuddyduddiness and having to entertain myself. As for cycling, I’d enjoy living in a cycling friendly place again instead of risking life and limb on sketchy rural highways without any sort of network of rural and residential roads. I love the open ocean, the west side of Vancouver Island, and would rather be able to access it. If I get a chance to surf, I will probably not stop.
warm would be better, I regularly curse SoCal and wish there could be a geographic switch so we could enjoy having no concept of rain, salted roads, cold rain, lashing rain and dark grey skies.

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