Brit’s Triumph Project – Want it?

8 08 2011

Feeling like a project?

I got the email below from Brit:

“Hi Vik, haven’t met up with you in a long time but I’m an occasional reader of your blog and picks.  You came to mind because I thought you might know who’d be interested in a bike restoration project.  

I inherited an old Triumph bicycle, 3 speed internal hub, pretty much same as it looked new in the 60’s, and I won’t have the time to fix it up.  I’m heading to Sweden next week for school and don’t have room to store it!  Anyway, if you know anyone who’d like to buy it and provide a good home, just let me know.


Fix this up and your friends will be green with envy...

I’m not 100% where this bike is located, but I think it’s in Calgary, AB. I’m confirming with Brit and will post the location as soon as I get it. He’s leaving the country shortly so if you want this bike contact him ASAP by email at brit.samborsky “AT” – I got the impression the bike was free to a good home, but confirm with Brit if there is any cost associated with the bike.



2 responses

8 08 2011

I got rid of all my ‘restoration’ projects, thank goodness I’m too far away to jump on this one. This post raises 2 questions for me. 1) If I saw those bars on a modern bike, I’d figure they were albatross bars, but since its so old, do you think they’re just standard pull-back bars flipped over? I think I read somewhere thats what the first drop bars were. 2) Have you ever rigged up a way to tow a bicycle behind your bicycle? I heard people talk about towing a second bike by holding its handlebar or saddle, but I’m not that coordinated.

13 08 2011

Those are flipped Northroads, they made another bar that had more curvy bends that was common into the 50’s called Lauterwaser.

I have rigged up a towing rig in the past using a front fork truck thingy. But for short distances you can “ghost” ride by holding the handlebars. Or you would walk the two bikes.

Nice project…glad I am too far away :D, I have a shop full of projects that are falling further and further behind.


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