The Back Up Plan…

6 08 2011

Not a pretty bike, but it rolls just fine!

While we wait for the replacement Surly Cross Check fork Sharon has been antsy to get back on the bike for her commute. Her old MTB commuter was in rough shape from the winter so our first choice was the Dahon folder I gave her, but sadly the Dahon has a shifting problem that two pro bike mechanics haven’t been able to solve. Aaron is going to give it a final shot, but at the moment riding the Dahon is an exercise in frustration. So I pulled out Sharon’s old commuter and lubed/adjusted everything to the point where it’s a functional bike again. It’s not much to look at, but it works and for now that will have to do!

Time to ride!

Last winter when Sharon got her Cross Check commuter and the 2nd hand Dahon folder she questioned the need for 3 bikes, but I told her you never know when you need a back up. As it turns out 3 was the right number since bikes #1 & #2 aren’t running at the moment. It’s good to have a back up plan!…=-)



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6 08 2011

N+1=the correct number of bikes 😀

As long as it has wheels and functions all is good. I have an ancient (well pretty old) Raleigh Sports that was my only bike from 1982-1987. Still have it, been re-purposed as my Beer Bike 😀


6 08 2011

My respect for Sharon for being so courageous!

Share the Dahon problem with your readers,some of them have really sharp eyes (remember the guy that spotted the fork problem on the Surly! That was a really impressive call…)

Greets from Belgium,


6 08 2011

@Wannes – not much info to share on the Dahon:

– it used to shift well
– was stored for a year + folded
– then after a plane flight we can’t get the shifting dialed in again
– it shifts okay in a few gears, but never all of them
– I’ve had it looked at by 2 professional bike mechanics who couldn’t do any better than what I was able to achieve
– drivetrain has seen light mileage so nothing is worn out

Given the cost of the bike = $475 I’m not willing to spend a lot $$ to fix the issue. I’ll probably pull the cable/housing and replace just to be sure. Aaron’s going to look at it for me as well.

So far everyone has checked the derailleur alignment and it’s not bent.

11 08 2011

3 bikes is the minimum if you commute by bike and especially if you live in crappy weather much of the year. I often have only one ridable at any given time. My old raleigh ironically is a bike that is always ready to go, but it is not allowed out during the fallwintersrping period when it rains too much and salt gets put on the road. There are flat tires, worn brake pads, mechanical issues etc that can put a bike out of service.
trying to downsize my bike collection…but will likely replace with more bikes.

16 08 2011
doug d

Derailleur allignment would have been my first choice, but my second guess would be the derailleur paralelogram spring or pivots. If the spring is sacked, it will tend to have trouble reaching the looser gears, if the parallelogram pivots are not moving freely, the same thing could happen.
My other guess would be the spring clip on the deraillleur mounting bolt. I recently had a SRAM derailleur that the spring clip had come out of it’s groove and was causing the main pivot to not bed fully. The derailleur body could then move in and out about a milimetre on the mounting bolt.

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