LHT 26″ Wheeled Build PT8…

3 08 2011

She's rolling...=-)

Where we are at:

  • got rear derailleur cabled
  • Black Brooks B17 saddle
  • OMM Sherpa [new version]
She’s finally rolling which is sweet. Fenders and front rack are still missing, but I hope to get that sorted in the next week or so. I’ll me roaming the streets of Victoria with these big fat tires enjoying a different side of the Surly Long Haul Trucker…=-)



11 responses

3 08 2011

Nice built, how do you like the bars so far? There isn’t much in terms of user experiences about these bars on line

3 08 2011

I’ll provide some feedback once I’ve used the bike for a little bit longer.

3 08 2011
Micheal Blue

Vik, it looks nice, though I have to be honest and say that red colour doesn’t fit in there, to my taste. BTW, I have purchased an LHT frame (blue) and trasnferred most of the components from my hybrid bike. I’ll be upgrading some of them after the winter.

3 08 2011
andy kennedy

Hey Vik, how do you like those dia compe v brake levers? I’ve been using the tektro rl520s, but I never been able to get comfortable on them. I was going to try and track down an old pair of the dia compes to see if I like them.

3 08 2011

Red’s a keeper. 🙂

4 08 2011
Scott Gamble

Just got my 26in tourer setup too. Take a gander, I think you’ll dig it.


4 08 2011

Fatties on a Trucker are 100% badass! I don’t mind the red bar wrap, but I keep looking at the color-coordinated cable and thinking of the Murray and Huffy 10-speeds from back in the 80’s.

4 08 2011

@Andy – I have the Dia Compe and Tektro v-brake drop levers. The DC arte more comfy for me, but the Tektros are finished nicer. I don’t notice a difference in functionality.

4 08 2011
andy kennedy

Good to know, I just ordered a pair! I really hope they work out for me, I vastly prefer using v-brakes over cantis on my LHT. The build looks great!

20 09 2011
Rob K

Thanks for the articles Vic…….much appreciated.

I am wondering whether the LHT would be a good platform for the Rohloff or whether one would be better off with a Rohloff specific frame (dropouts, bb, etc.)?

Part of my musings has to do with a comment you made some time ago with respect to your Thorn Nomad, “I rode my Thorn Nomad touring bike. It’s a very comfortable solid ride, but it has all the good and bad qualities of a truck!”. The reason I bring it up is because I recently hefted a LHT in a LBS and was surprised by its heft. Not having lifted a Nomad but considering your comment, I am wondering if these two frame sets are in the same league?


20 09 2011

@Rob – the LHT is a Ford Ranger 1/4 ton compared to the Nomad which is a F350 Super Duty 1 ton truck. Both trucks, but no comparison.

I prefer the LHT, but it has vertical dropouts which are not ideal with a Rohloff. A Surly Troll with horizontal dropouts would be a better choice while maintaining the appropriate strength for a touring bike.

If you weigh 250lbs and plan on carrying 150lbs of gear the Nomad makes sense if you are 175lbs and plan on carrying 50lbs of gear it would be overkill.

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