Lazy Update…

2 08 2011

Up up and away...

It’s been such a busy summer that I feel like I have fallen behind on my blogging. I’ve got lots of stuff I want to post about, but the nice weather is keeping me from spending my time posting. I haven’t even been reading my usual blogs and forums regularly….*gasp*!…=-) With August now here there is only a few more weeks of summer madness before we settle into Fall’s more relaxed pace.

What’s been going on?

  • Our weekend’s have been all about kiteboarding for us. Sharon has worked hard to get up and riding so she wants to get as much time on the water as she can before the season ends in early September and she takes a break until she can get to Baja this winter.
  • Weekdays have been frequently spent mountain biking at Hartland MTB Park.
  • I’m busy studying for my quality engineer certification and getting ready for various work projects.
  • We’ve had Kurt’s brother Sean staying with us for a few weeks which means lots of hanging out and BBQing in the evenings.
  • We’ve done a bunch of tandem riding including last Friday’s Victoria Critical Mass Ride/Swim.

What’s up next?

  • I’m going to finish up the 26″ wheeled LHT build this week.
  • We are getting Sharon a new Surly Cross Check fork.
  • We have friends from Calgary visiting this weekend so we have a casual ride around town planned for Saturday and a drive out to Port Renfrew to picnic on the books for Saturday.
  • We are going to install some NSI clear grip traction material on Sharon’s longboard since surfing season starts as soon as kiteboarding season stops.
  • And of course more kiteboarding and mountain biking as long as the good weather lasts!



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